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Get Ready for Christmas!

Look at that beauty!
In case you didn't see the sale we ran last week, we introduced these Complete Beard Care Kits with window-box packaging. We ran them for a promotional price of $32.00, and that sale went over very well. 
This is a perfect gift for any bearded man this holiday season, and while the promotional price may be gone, you can still get yours for only $40.00. That's a great deal, folks! All of the best selling products from Mountaineer Brand bundled into display ready packaging. You don't even need to wrap it- just slap a bow on there and say "Happy Holiday's!". 
We currently only have 20 left in stock, so now would be the time to get them. These products have a long shelf life, so there is no need to worry about an expiration date. They will stay fresh for many months to come. 
We are constantly doing research and test runs for new products and looking into ways to make our packaging for gift sets and combo packs more appealing. Our main goal is to keep you, the customer, happy. We plan to be introducing more products soon, and of course, with a promotional price. Keep your eyes peeled. There is more to come!

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