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Thoughtful Gift Giving

One of the most joyous part of the Holiday season is the gift giving. I will admit that I like to receive gifts too, but not all gifts are created equal; ugly Christmas sweaters and ties are at the very bottom of everyone's list.

Thoughtful gifts are always welcome--not mater the size or cost; it really is the careful thought, and sometimes planning, that went into purchasing/making the gift that is the real treasure. The year I started fly fishing, my brother and his kids researched and made me several of the most perfect lures I have ever seen.

Each one had a special significance to me or to the family. Now that was a great gift. This year, vow with me to be thoughtful in gift giving. I'll even get you started: WiseBread has a list of 20 thoughtful gifts for him that won't break the bank, and Money Crashers has a great list of gifts for her.

Happy holiday shopping and don't forget to put your heart into it. Check out our gift giving guide for fabulous savings Friday through Monday.
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Itch Man, Poor Man: Tame that itch in 3 simple steps

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people site “itch” as the reason for not growing a beard. Left untreated, beards do itch. And flake. I don’t know about you, but beard dandruff is about the worst thing to see on an otherwise nice beard. You can get rid of the itch by doing these 3 simple things.


I know it sounds obvious, but you may be surprised at the number of men who do not wash their beards… AT ALL. It’s not always because of poor grooming habits. Often people use the wrong products, get bad results, and just stop trying. The cake of soap that works great on your pits is the absolute WRONG thing for your beard. And so is your girlfriend’s expensive salon shampoo. Soaps and shampoos can be harsh and tend to strip your beard of those natural oils it needs for that sheen we are always chasing.

 How to do it right: Unless there is a good reason to (working in a dusty environment or endless spaghetti dinners), you don’t need to shampoo/wash your beard every day. When you do wash your beard, use a mild castile soap—such as Dr. Bronner’s—or a wash that is specifically designed for beards. Most good beard washes combine a castile soap with essential oils for the perfect blend of cleaning and conditioning. Whichever product you choose, try to hold off on everyday washing and instead use your beard wash 2 to 3 times a week.


A good leave-in-conditioner or beard balm is great for everyday use. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a good conditioner. Coconut Oil is a good, simple conditioner. If you’re looking for something that packs more of a punch, Mountaineer Brand offers a beard balm with Pine Tar. Pine Tar is an ancient remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

 An important thing to remember when using balms and conditioners is that you need dig all the way through the beard until you reach the skin. (Why start with the skin? Think of it this way; if you want to grow and cultivate healthy plants, would you rather plant them in loose, fertile soil or on dry, cracked clay?).  Work your way from your face to the ends of the beard. It will take a few times to figure out how much you will need, but you’ll get the hang of it and your face and beard will thank you!


A good conditioner or balm may not be enough to keep your beard hydrated all day. For this we recommend oil. Essential oils are a good, simple way to start.
Spend a few minutes reading about which essential oils are good for hair and skin. Pay attention to the scent description if you are not familiar with oils; they can range from fabulous to skunk.

Oil that is specially formulated for beards is a good way to take the guess work out of it. Apply Beard Oil somewhat liberally—a thirsty beard will drink it fast. The first time you use it, we recommend that you go one drop at a time until you find the amount that works for you and your beard. Again, start with your face and work your way through to the ends.

 Follow the three simple steps above and use common sense—keep your beard away from open flame, for example—and you’ll be itch and flake free in no time.

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Shout out to Justin!

Justin and his beautiful daughter send us this picture today. Justin says: 

Hey beard brothers, I'm Justin Jenkins and the little chick with me is my 5 year old daughter, we were looking through your photos and said " wow dad you use that stuff every day, you should send a picture to them" so here you go guys. I've been a year long customer and your products are awesome.I can't wait to try the new citrus and spice. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Justin! Always love to hear from a satisfied customer. 


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Contest Entrants

Thanks to all of you who entered last week. Here is one of our:


Anthony9162 from Instagram writes:

#mountaineerbrand is having a selfie contest and I'd love to win it. I've been using their products for a little over a month now and I'm so glad I decided to do so, because they work so well. Also, this stuff is made in WV, which makes it even better.

Thanks for entering and keep sending pix. 

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You asked, we listened!

Many of you have been asking for samples. Our sample jars are here and are just about ready for action. This will give you the opportunity to try oils before you buy them. We are always listening to our customers. Customer feedback inspired our new Citrus & Spice scent and we're working on the Pine Tar oil many of you have asked about. 
Stay tuned!
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