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Apple Butter Festival Followup

The Apple Butter Festival was a success! The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed getting out there to mingle with our customers. Thanks to all of you who stopped by! 

Sadly, Eric did not win the beard contest again this year. What's with that? Have you seen the epic beard he has? I mean, you have to wear sunglasses because the awesomeness is so bright. We'll try again next year. 

Other than our upcoming trade shows, we have pulled up our tent stakes and folded our burlap for the season. We're looking at some spring opportunities; we will keep you informed so you can join in the fun. 

See ya next time. 


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Featured Beards of the Week

This week, Mountaineer Brand would like to feature two fellas with fabulous beards:

Derek Durant

Derek sent us several pictures, so I'm working on time-lapse, but in the mean time, check out Derek with 6 months of growth. Derek proudly uses Mountaineer Brand products. I can see why he's a happy customer. Great beard Derek!


Next up is an international shout out. Vikas is from India. He's new to our product line. Check out that beard! I hope you enjoy your new products!

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Made in the USA! A Trend?

The made in America movement seems to be picking up speed--or I am finally noticing it. Either way, there are so many organizations, contests, fairs, and you name it that boast the Made in America sentiment. Although the exact wording varies from company to company or event,  there are only so many ways to convey the American Made concept. Google it sometime... various groups, companies, both for profit and non-profit, pop up. Scroll down a little and you will see such names as Budweiser and Martha Stewart attached to them. 
I'm all about made in America and American made. Jobs...economy...pride... But I have to ask... Is this a fad? Just about anytime you start to see and hear the same images or concept everywhere you look, there is a burst of popularity, followed by a gradual waning, and ending with everyone forgetting all about it. Remember all of the 9/11 paraphernalia? That's not so say we, as a country, have ever forgotten about 9/11, but we're not all running to Wal-mart in droves hoping to buy the very last flag in stock. 
Aside from a time machine or a glass ball, there is no way anyone can answer my question. I am hoping this one is a keeper though. We have had the Chinese carrot dangled before us more than once--talk about increased profit margin... but we have held fast and are buying and making American made.
I am optimistic--I think this is a permanent change in our collective way of thinking. 
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On the Map with American Craft Week

Mountaineer Brand, as part of The Tamarack Foundation, is participating in WV Craft Week/American Craft Week. For 10 days in October (10/2-11) crafters and artisans are opening their studios and planning events for all of America to enjoy. See what's going on in your area by clicking here and choosing your state. Some states have more participants than others, so if you don't have anyone in your area the Website has information on local awareness--start campaigning now!

Mountaineer Brand will be participating by welcoming visitors to our booth at the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV. I will update the blog and social media often to remind everyone to come out! If you have never been to the Apple Butter Festival, I recommend giving it a try--fun, food, music and lots of crafters, so bring your wallet. It's a great place to pickup unique Holiday gifts--especially if you have anyone on your list that is just hard to buy for. It's also fun to just relax and enjoy the autumn smells and colors. AND the American Craft Week poll shows that Berkeley Springs is #3 out of 10 in the top places for craft lovers!

We are also welcoming guests to our workshop during the week. Just call or email and make an appointment; we'd love to show you around. 

Hope to see you there!

Facebook link:

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Our newest WV retailers


Mountaineer Brand is proud to announce two new West Virginia retailers. South Perk Market

South Perk Market in Morgantown, WV will be opening soon. Located at 258 Kingwood Street, South Perk is a coffee shop/convenience store. This promises to be a fun place with a welcoming atmosphere and I can't wait for it to open. Stop in and check it out; while you're there, pick up a bottle or can of your favorite Mountaineer Brand Products.  

The Buckwheat Retreat

The Buckwheat Retreat Spa and Boutique is in beautiful Preston County in the town of Kingwood. Take some time to enjoy their services and relax! Don't forget to pick up your favorite Mountaineer Brand products while you're there!


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