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Whole Foods Demo Experience

Pictured above: Mr. Mountaineer at Whole Foods Demo (on his birthday!) Happy Birthday Eric!
Yesterday, we finished our "Grand Opening" demo experience at Whole Foods in Ashburn, VA.  That's not to say that we won't be back; it just won't be under the "Grand Opening" banner. 
The store is awesome and definitely holds up to expectations--my personal expectations, that is. The staff couldn't have been nicer. One of the things I like about Whole Foods is the way they treat their customers. Twice I asked an employee where I could find an item, and they actually escorted me to it. By far better than a grunt and a point I have grown accustomed to when shopping elsewhere. 
Over the course of three days, we met a lot of people and there seems to be a lot of interest in our product. I would encourage anyone in the Western Loudoun County area to go in and check us out. One thing that seemed to be getting a lot of attention was the Pine Tar Salve. That stuff is amazing, so it's easy to see why there was interest. My kids have used it on mosquito bites this year and I was spared the musical soundtrack of "ohmygosh ititchessobad" that usually scores the ride home from the beach. And I didn't miss it at all. 
Overall, the Whole Foods experience has been a good one. We should be back in the store soon, so watch the blog for details. 
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Up and Running

Welcome to our Blog. We have recently updated our online store and have given it a fresh, clean look. Of course, your feedback is valued!

We have so many exciting things on our horizon. This week be began what we hope to be a long relationship with Whole Foods at their new store in Ashburn, VA. Our team will be doing demos today, Sunday and next Thursday. We’re looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

I have to take this time to admit that both blogging and social media are new to me. I am slowly becoming more proficient, so hang in there while I try to conquer what is looking more like a learning cliff than a curve.

I’ll do my best to update this blog on a weekly basis, so stay tuned for more!


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