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Cactus Bristle Brush and Comb Combination (Cruelty Free)
Cactus Bristle Brush and Comb Combination (Cruelty Free)
$ 16.00

Cactus Bristle Brush and Comb Combination (Cruelty Free)

Brushing and combing your beard is essential to its health and growth and doing so  regularly keeps it shiny, smooth, and clean. These pocket-sized essentials are portable and perfect for that light touch up throughout the day.




This durable wide-tooth comb is made from hardwood. The wide teeth are designed to accommodate even the thickest beard.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket for that perfectly groomed look all day long. This comb is the perfect, portable addition to your beard grooming routine



Oval Military Style Hair Brushes are a classic favorite among well-groomed men. This brush features a oval shape that fits comfortably in your hand, pocket or satchel; a sturdy, yet light, Beechwood handle; and stiff Natural Cactus bristles. These natural bristles help stimulate hair follicles and distribute oil evenly throughout your beard. We are proud to offer this cruelty-free, vegan-friendly  option to plastic and animal-hair brushes.