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Since 2013 the founder of Mountaineer Brand, Eric Young has been committed to providing an all-natural and affordable solution for men’s grooming routines. After seeing all the crazy additives and chemicals you can’t even pronounce in so many other brands on the market, he knew something needed to be done. This is why we only utilize high quality organic ingredients that help you not only feel good, but look put together with manly scents that will invite others to get close. Be the well-groomed, healthy, BEST version of yourself and choose Mountaineer Brand!


Give it a try and if you STILL don’t see the results you’re looking for you’ll get a FULL refund!


Maintain a PH balanced, smooth and sophisticated dome!

Whether you're new to the slick bald head game or have been rocking it for years Mountaineer Brand is ready to help you unleash your inner badass with our Bald Head Care Bundle! Our simple, all-natural, and effective routine will help you clean, protect, and maintain your exposed scalp—leaving you feeling rejuvenated and looking well-groomed each and every day. This bundle includes:

  • - 4 0z. Head and Face Scrub
  • - 4 oz Head and Face Wash - Shave Soap
  • - 4 oz Shine Away (PH Balancer)
  • - 2 oz Moisturizing Balm
  • - 4 oz Detox Mask

All of these products are designed to keep your scalp healthy by maintaining proper pH levels for balance, and gently cleansing the skin to stay smooth and healthy. It’s time to walk with confidence and let your dome shine—Order yours TODAY!



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At a fantastic rate our Bald Head Care Bundle features our Detox Mask. Head & Face Scrub, Head and Face Wash - Shave Soap, Shine Away, and our luxurious Moisturizing Balm. Who says that just because your bald that you don’t need to take care of your head? Get our Bald Head Care Bundle today and you’ll see the difference that Mountaineer brand products make.

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