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Shave Soap and Shave Brush Combo

Shave Soap and Shave Brush Combo


Shave the old fashioned way with Mountaineer Brand Shave Soap and a traditional style shave brush.

Products come in a burlap sack. 

 Shave Brush

Have you ever wondered why you should use a shaving brush? Think about it for a second...

  • The brush works up a nice, creamy lather. This is not something that comes from chemicals in a can; this is the real thing! And if you wet your brush with warm water, you get warm lather... ahhh...
  • The brush helps slough off any dead skin before shaving, allowing for a closer shave. 
  • If you can't relax with a warm towel and have your face shaved in an old fashioned barber's chair while you listen to the latest gossip, give yourself the next best thing with a close shave in your own bathroom (and no gossip!). 

Shave Soap Discover what barbers have known for centuries; nothing lathers like old-fashioned shave soap. Try it for yourself and join the centuries-old tradition of the rich lather you can only obtain from shave soap. 

  • MoonshineHandmade, cold process soap, with real local moonshine (whiskey). This all natural soap has the masculine scent of cedarwood essential oil and is ultra-moisturizing for dry winter weather or sensitive skin.This round soap comes in a 4 ounce tin. No need for a shave bowl or cup; use the soap right from the tin.