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Honeysuckle & Citrus Body Oil

Honeysuckle & Citrus Body Oil

Our body oil is intensely moisturizing and filled with all-natural ingredients that will keep your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Honeysuckle & Citrus Aroma
Take a summer walk through the foothills of West Virginia with this limited edition scent. The ripe and warm scent of honeysuckle combined with fruity notes of citrus produce a clean, inviting aura that you are sure to admire.


  • You prefer a more moderate scent
  • Floral & Citrus notes are pleasing to you
  • You enjoy scents that are flowery and ripe

Easy to Use
As a Daily Moisturizer: After your shower or bath, gently smooth a small amount of oil onto damp skin for long lasting moisture.

In the Bath: Add a few drops to your bath water to soften your skin while you soak

Shaving: As a pre-shave oil, smooth on the area to be shaved

OUR FORMULA: Grape Seed Oil, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Orange Citrus Oil.