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Pre-Shave / Post-Shave Variety Pack

Pre-Shave / Post-Shave Variety Pack

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For a smooth face (and head!)

Try them all and Save!

Like the clean shaved, smooth skin look and feel? This combo is the perfect gift for those who can't decide on a scent. You get all three scents in both pre-shave oil and post-shave balm. Keep that face, head or any other parts on your body hair-free and smooth. 

Handmade in West Virginia with 100% natural oils and essential oils, this pre-shave/post-shave variety pack of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Cool Mint is the ultimate shaving experience. The pre-shave oil works by making your skin moist and supple, causing the razor to conform to and glide across your skin. The post-shave balm moisturizes, soothes, and refreshes your skin.

This pre-shave/post-shave variety pack is