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Beard Growth Serum - 2 OZ.

Beard Growth Serum - 2 OZ.

$ 23.99

SPECS: Large, 2oz. Glass Bottle With Dropper and FREE Follicle Stimulating Brush

This isn’t a magic growth serum, but it’s the closest thing you’ll find to one, and that’s a guarantee. Mountaineer Brand’s Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum creates the perfect conditions for full, fast and healthy hair growth. Our formula consists of a proprietary blend of roots and leaves from specially selected botanicals and essential oils that are heat infused into the carrier oils. This process enables the plants therapeutic benefits to be transferred into a medium that can be applied externally. We’ve chosen these ingredients for their benefits for your hair and skin. Mountaineer Brands’ Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum has some added ingredients that significantly inhibit DHT production and improve circulation in the skin, making it the “almost magic” beard growth serum that many seek to find. We’re willing to bet you won’t be disappointed! 

To ensure best results, we recommend massaging into the skin with one of our Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Brushes.

DIRECTIONS:  Pour a small amount of serum into a cupped hand and then rub your hands together briefly to distribute the oil.Working with both hands in an upward motion, rub into your face and beard, all the way to the ends.The amount of oil needed varies from person to person. For optimal results, work into your skin with a shampoo brush. Use daily or as often as desired.

INGREDIENTS: A proprietary blend of natural organic herbs and botanicals heat infused into: Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and castor oil. A proprietary blend of essential oils.

how to use the beard balm & oil combo

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