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About Mountaineer Brand

For generations, West Virginians have been known for their artisanal skills and craft, from crafting moonshine to practicing the art of blacksmithing and creating recipes for natural healing products. These traditions have been woven into the fabric of West Virginia long before it officially became a state in 1863.

In 2013, Eric Young, a true West Virginian at heart, founded Mountaineer Brand. Drawing inspiration from the age-old methods and ingredients rooted in West Virginian heritage, Eric crafted the line of Mountaineer Brand products. He used ingredients sourced from the earth and scents inspired by the natural world to create grooming products that pay homage to this rich tradition.

Today, Mountaineer Brand shares this heritage of craftsmanship with the world. Our mission is simple: to offer the finest all-natural men's grooming products on the market at a fair price. We deliver them right to your doorstep promptly, backed by our 'No Questions Asked' return policy.

We invite you to experience true West Virginia craftsmanship firsthand. Give us a try and discover the essence of tradition, quality, and nature in every Mountaineer Brand product.