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No Shave November

Welcome to November. It’s officially time to drop the razor and become a beard grower! Check out what this tradition is all about, and get ready to step into the beard life. No Shave November may end up becoming No Shave Life in your case; you never know. 

No-Shave November is an annual tradition that began quite some time ago. As years have passed, the popularity began to grow into what is now a trend that is well known and celebrated worldwide. It’s important to understand the root of this tradition and the purpose of the No Shave organization. Please take the time to check out their website and give them a donation of any amount to support their cause!

If you have decided to jump in for the cause, you’re going to need some of the best beard products to help you along the way. Maybe you’re starting from scratch with a nice, smooth face, or maybe you’re a few steps ahead with a full blown beard. Whatever you’re working with, we can help. We have suggested some of our favorite beard care products below. 

Clean it Up With-

  1. Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash

You need to keep your beard clean, and Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash is the way to go. A lot of companies use fragrance oils, alcohol and parabens in their recipes. Those ingredients dry out the skin, and when that happens you may as well say goodbye to a handsome beard. Our wash is 100% natural, mild enough for daily use, and filled with essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients that will keep your beard healthy. Our great beard washes are available from both our Classic Line and Premium Line

Condition Your Beard With-

  1. Mountaineer Brand Oil 
  2. Mountaineer Brand Beard Balm

Following your wash, you’ll need to condition, just like you would do for the hair on your head. The best way to do this is with a beard oil or beard balm

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth, soft, subtle shine. While it’s busy making the beard incredibly attractive, it’s also moisturizing the skin beneath the beard and encouraging healthy facial hair growth

Our Beard Balm works in a very similar way. It is equally effective in moisturizing the beard and skin, but a lot of people find that it also helps with the itch that sometimes comes along with the growing experience. 

If you’re trying to decide between the two, consider the texture of each product. In the end, it’s really about personal preference. If you really want to give your beard the love it deserves, just use them both. You won’t be sorry. 

These must have beard grooming products can be found in both our Premium Line and Classic Line

Maintain Your Look With- 

  1. Mountaineer Brand Cactus Bristle Beard Brush

Maintain your look by keeping it perfectly groomed. Obviously this isn’t an absolute must have for someone new to the beard game, but for a man who is no stranger to it, this is essential. Your beard is no different than the hair on your head- It needs to be groomed and well kept. Don’t skip out on the Beard Brush. 

Get Better, Faster Beard Growth With- 

      5. Mountaineer Brand Beard Growth Serum

If you want to be serious about your beard game, consider this product when stocking up on beard supplies. When it comes to beard growing products, this one is top notch. Our Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum has some added ingredients that significantly inhibit DHT production and improve circulation in the skin, making it the “almost magic” beard growth serum that many seek to find. Be a Beard God. Get the Serum. 

If you want to bundle and save, you might consider a Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit. They have all the essential beard grooming products mentioned above, minus the Beard Growth Serum. Men’s beard grooming gets serious when Mountaineer Brand is the primary player in the routine. You’ll be adding “Professional Beard Grower” to your resume by the end of this month. You can save 30% on all items in our Premium and Classic Lines by entering code NOSHAVE at checkout from now until the end of November. 

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Costume Ideas For Bearded Men

Halloween may be looking a little bit different this year due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the fun is dead and gone. There are plenty of ways to safely enjoy this holiday, and putting together an awesome costume is one of the best ways to do it. 

Now, we aren’t experts in creativity, and we won’t be able to suggest themed costumes for the whole family, but we can suggest some unique costume ideas for bearded men. Check out what we came up with below ↓!

“The Dude” - The Big Lebowski 

This is a fairly easy costume for any bearded man to throw together!

All you need is an old bathrobe, a dingy t-shirt and shorts, some leather sandals, and a pair of Dollar Store Aviators. 

The best part about this costume is that the look is best completed with a White Russian in hand. 

You’re simply “The Dude”, so that’s what they’ll call you. 


Jules Winnfield- Pulp Fiction 

Pulp Fiction is a movie everyone knows, and Jules Winnfield is a character that no one can forget, so his character makes for a classic costume. 

You likely have an old, black suit and tie sitting in your wardrobe, so that’s a simple find. However, you likely don’t have that head full of curls like our scripture quoting friend, so you’ll probably have to Amazon Prime order a wig to wear for the evening. 



Bob Ross

This is another simple costume to piece together, and you probably already have the outfit in your closet. 

Get a button up shirt (leaving the first few undone), then tuck it into a pair of jeans. Top it off with the best Bob Ross ‘fro wig you can find, and don’t forget to accessorize with a painter’s palette. 

Don’t forget to grab your Timber Beard Oil so you can smell like “Happy Little Trees”. 

Al Borland- Home Improvement

If you’re into 90’s sitcoms, this is a good one, and again, it’s simple. 

Grab a flannel, tuck it into some jeans, and grab a tool belt from the garage. Be sure to add some tools to make it look authentic. 


Everyone loved the toolman’s trusty sidekick, so they’ll know who you are. If they ask, just hit them with a “I don’t think so, Tim”. 

And here are a couple for you guys that rock a healthy ‘stache… 

Apollo Creed

Now it’s not likely that you just have everything ready to go for this costume, but if you rock a full mustache, you’ve got the hardest part out of the way. 

There are a lot of different ways to dress up like Apollo Creed, but this is by far the most classic look that comes to mind. You can get what you need for this look on Amazon Prime! 

Ding, Ding. 

Hulk Hogan

If you were a big wrestling fan back in the 80’s, you might have your Hulkamania gear somewhere close by, making this a great costume choice for you. If not, you can find what you need on Amazon. 

If you aren’t feeling Hulk Hogan and want to stick with the Rocky theme, you could also go with THUNDER LIPS! 

Hopefully these costume ideas sparked some interest for you, especially since most of them are already sitting in your closet. We may be socially distanced this Halloween — but we can still dress up and take part in festivities! At Mountaineer Brand,  we’re doing a virtual costume contest and want to see your best costumes! We’ll be giving away a GRAND PRIZE to one lucky winner. Here’s how it’s going down:

  • From now until October 30th, snap a pic in your costume with your favorite Mountaineer Brand product & tag us on social media.
  • We’ll share your entries on our Facebook and Instagram stories and decide which costumes we like best. 
  • ONE lucky Mountaineer will win a $30 gift card

We have everything you need to style your beard and stay looking and smelling fresh no matter what your costume looks like! Also, get 30% OFF SITEWIDE with code MB30! Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


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Bald, Bearded, Tattooed, Bad Ass

What picture comes to mind when you think of the word “badass”? 

To us, it's someone that is authentic. Someone that is confident. Someone that embraces every single aspect of who they are, inside and out, and offers no apologies for it. The main key to this picture is CONFIDENCE.

Badass men look the part. Most have a badass bandana covering their bald, badass head. Their face is covered with a badass beard and their body is covered with badass tattoos. If you’re looking to achieve this level of badassery, we have some helpful suggestions to offer listed below in this badass blog. 

Let’s start with Bald and Bearded…

Now, we’re not suggesting you head to the bathroom and shave off every last strand of hair on your head and make growing the beard of Zeus your primary goal. You can have a head full of hair and a bald face and still be a badass, but we’re focusing on the bald and bearded this time around. 

You take care of every other part of your body (at least we hope so) and your bald head and beard should be no exception. Remember, CONFIDENCE is key. In order to care for these two components of badassery, you must: 

  • Keep them clean 
  • Care for and balance the pH of the skin 
  • Protect the skin and hair
  • Detox the skin 

Keeping your head and beard clean can be done easily by getting a wash formulated with natural ingredients. As far as the head goes, we recommend exfoliating the skin prior to washing to ensure that there are no flakes of dead skin just hanging out for the world to see. 

Next, you’ll want to balance the pH. For your beard, finding an oil with the right ingredients will do the trick, but you have to be sure to massage it into your skin. For your head, look for an all-natural astringent that will reduce the sebum your skin naturally produces.

To protect your bald head and beard, you’ll need to moisturize them. All-natural ingredients are the best way to go because they not only moisturize and soothe, but also help to keep the skin balanced and healthy. 


Finally, Detox. This step is important because it removes all the impurities in the pores of your skin, so it’s beneficial for both your head and the skin beneath your beard. When you detox your head, it reduces the greasy shine that draws negative attention to it. When you detox the skin beneath the beard, the pores are unclogged, which will allow for healthier growth. There are a lot of detox masks out there, but make sure you’re checking the ingredients closely. Many of them are filled with chemicals, and this oftentimes causes more harm than good, giving the opposite of a desired result. 

Now, let’s look at the tattoos…

A lot of badass men are covered in tattoos. They tell a story about the man who proudly wears them, but the first thing people will see is the artwork itself- not the story behind it. 

When making the choice to get some ink, we encourage you to do some research and ensure that wherever you choose to go has an environment that is clean, professional, and carries a good reputation for their work. 

After you’ve checked these things off of your list, start looking into the artists at the studio. Most of them will have an online portfolio, and if they don’t, they should have a book to browse. This will give you an idea of the artist’s skill and style. It’s crucial to find an artist that fits the style of what you’re looking for, otherwise you could end up with a lot of regret that dulls your confidence. 

Bald, Bearded, Tattooed and Badass isn’t just a “look”- it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle requires confidence, and any confident man requires some level of self care and respect. Hopefully you’re encouraged to take your confidence to the next level and be the best badass you can be!

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How to Get Your Beard Fall Ready

How to Get Your Beard Fall Ready

Fall is here, and we’re READY for it. Bring on the crisp leaves and chilly air that makes for a perfect backyard bonfire, and above all else, bring on THE BEARD. 

Fall is the season for bigger beards, and there’s no doubt about it. In addition to being a good look, a fuller beard is also an additional layer of warmth. If you plan to grow it out this fall season, it’s important to be prepared with a good starting plan and the right products. Below are some ways to get your beard fall ready. 

  • Start Growing Now 
  • This may seem obvious, because it is. But it’s obviously a crucial first step. Stop shaving and/or trimming and just let it grow. The sooner you start, the sooner your fall beard begins. Now, in order for this to work, check out step 2, and don’t skip it. 

  • Oil Your Growing Beard
  • This is especially important if you’re growing from scratch or stubble. It’s going to itch like crazy, but beard oil is a great way to alleviate the itch and help you to power through. Use as needed and don’t give up- it won’t last long. 

  • Moisturize Often  
  • Once your beard has started to blossom, it will need special attention. Moisturizing not only the beard, but the skin beneath it is a key factor in successful beard growth. Don’t neglect this step; get an all-natural beard balm and make sure you rub the balm into both your beard and skin. This will also help you avoid skin irritation that often comes along with colder weather. 

  • Wash Less
  • It is not recommended to wash your beard more than five times per week in any season, but during the colder months you should be washing even less. Water and soap of any kind has potential to dry out the skin, which then dries out the beard. If you’re hard pressed on cleaning it daily, we have an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse that can be used in between washes. 

    When you do wash with soap, make sure it’s done with an all-natural beard wash filled with ingredients to improve the health and appearance of your beard. 


  • Keep It Tidy 
  • Your bigger beard should not be something that brings you shame, but confidence. The only way to ensure this is to keep it neat and tidy. Comb it, brush it, and top it off with some Styling Balm to keep a uniform appearance. 


    And there you have it, gentlemen. Achieving a manly, fall beard really isn’t all that hard. Just make sure you’re providing it with what it needs to be healthy and looking nice. Maybe this fall beard could be the start of a lifelong beard growing journey… you just never know. Enjoy all the great things that this fall season will bring, awesome beard included. 

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    Top 10 Best Tips for Beard Care

    How does one achieve bearded greatness? Find out below with these 10 Best Tips for Beard Care! 

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