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Joseph "Mike"

This week our featured face is Jospeh Mike Benson. He is a local of Martinsburg, WV, our hometown and place of operation. It's always nice to meet nice folks around here, so we are certainly glad to have met him! He has also been featured in one of our advertisements and his face can been seen a great deal on our Instagram page. Let us tell you a little bit about Mike...
He is 24 years old and a married man of two years. He's always doing something outside. Perhaps that's why his favorite hobbies include camping, hunting, fishing, and going to the beach. 
He has had facial hair for the past four or five years, but stuck with only a chin strap for most of that time. In August he decided to let it grow to it's full potential and found our company a month later. So far he has only used our beard care products, but he intends to expand his collection with some of our Granny Vicars' Family Care products soon. 
Thanks for supporting our brand, Mike!
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This is Wade, another one of our loyal supporters. He and his majestic beard have been featured on our product listings through our sales platforms, as well as our social media networks. He is a member of the very exclusive "Bearded Villains" crew and has a wicked handlebar mustache! His favorite Mountaineer Brand scents are Citrus & Spice and Coal. Let's learn a little more about the man behind the beard...
Wade and his beautiful wife of 10 years live in Oklahoma with their three children. They are a very active family, always on the go. They're a close-knit bunch, and Wade's favorite thing to do is to spend time with them. One of his favorite memories is the week he spent with his family in the Rocky Mountains, camping out in tents and enjoying nature. 
In a nutshell, he's a good, family oriented man, with a heart of gold and an awesome beard! 
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The face you see above is our dear friend, Vikas. Although we have never formally met, we feel as though he is a member of the Mountaineer Brand family. He has been cheering us on since the very beginning and has been a loyal supporter ever since.
You have likely seen his friendly face on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, but he is also one of our product models. His beard is pictured with our product listings on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. 
Vikas is much more than just an awesome beard. He is also a very talented musician that plays a mean guitar and has a heavenly voice. To see some of his work, check out his Instagram page @cheesyonionlove. 
He may be oceans away, but always close to our hearts. Sending love from WV to India, Vikas!
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Deck the Halls!

This is by far the most festive picture we have received! It makes us ever so jolly and really gets us into the holiday spirit. 
Instagram's @mandeep_is_the_best_1, Manny Dawett, has a page filled with bearded greatness and a wicked mustache curl to boot. He has created some clever beard memes and shared several of his amazing pictures with the Mountaineer Brand page. Since we so greatly appreciate his love and support, he is our very first post in the brand new "Featured Face" blog. 
If you want your awesome, bearded face to be featured in our blog, you can send us a direct message through Instagram (@mountaineerbrand) or Facebook, or send via email to customerservice@mountaineerbrand.com. Don't be shy- tell us a little bit about yourself when you send your picture so we can share that as well :)
Looking forward to seeing all the wondrous beards. Happy holidays!
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