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8 Reasons to Grow a Beard in 2017

Mountaineer Brand-8 Reasons to Grow a Beard in 2017

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Beards are being seen on more and more faces nowadays. The bigger they are, the better they are. It turns out that facial hair has become somewhat of a lifestyle marker, and social media networks offer sound proof of this. Hashtags galore, such as #beardlife, #beardgang and #beardzone (to name just a few) will take you to hundreds of thousands of photographs of some of the most epic and wondrous beards your eyes will ever see. Is this a mere trend, or are the factual benefits behind growing a beard finally being brought to light? Regardless of what lies behind this puzzling mystery, here are 8 reasons you may want to join forces with the bearded brethren and rock some whiskers in 2017. 
# 1- Protect your Skin
Everyone enjoys some fun in the sun. It would be cruel to deprive yourself of blue skies and salty ocean air, but we know all too well how damaging the sun can be. Scientific studies have shown that beards are essentially a built-in sunscreen for your face. In fact, your mug will be protected from 90-95% of harmful UV rays. Not only will your beard assist in protecting you from skin cancer, it will also keep your skin looking younger by protecting you from permanent damage that the sun can cause. Wrinkles and age spots are no fun, right? If you can protect yourself from these aging evils by doing something so simple, why not? 
#2- Build Confidence
When a man has a beard, he radiates confidence. He gains more respect from others by showing dominance without saying a word. Masculinity is all that's necessary, and the beard that so gracefully flows from your face asserts just that. If you want to get scientific, way back to the prehistoric days, men grew beards for warmth, protection, and intimidation. Protection from the sun was mentioned previously, but we can now add a defense against arctic elements. Intimidation factors into masculinity. The more masculine you are, the more intimidating you will be to others. The more intimidating you are to others, the more respect you will gain, and a well respected man is an absolute powerhouse. Get ready to take on the world, bearded wonder! (Within reason, please) 
#3- Balding Gracefully
According the American Hair Loss Association, 2/3 of men will experience some sort of hair loss by the age of 35. While that may not sound like a devastating blow, most of us know someone that inherited the unfortunate genetics of their maternal grandpa and began balding at the young age of 18. Or, maybe you're one of those people. Fortunately, there's a solution- your head doesn't have to look like a future-telling crystal ball. Spruce up the naked canvas with a luscious beard. It's like adding sprinkles to ice cream, icing to cake, bourbon to water... you get it. Enhance the features you have with a tasteful and appealing addition. 
#4- Look More Intelligent
Picture this, if you will... a man standing in a crowded room, deep in thought, looking wise beyond his years and stroking his beard inquisitively. Yes, that could be you. Some of the most intelligent minds of history were bearded men. So, even though you may not have the prophetic mind of Nostradamus or the honesty of Abe, the human brain associates beards with wisdom and upstanding character, so you're an honest genius by default. 
#5- You Have a Natural Allergen Filter
It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Those pesky nose hairs that you have to trim tediously are there for a reason- to filter out the toxins and allergens that float around in the air you breathe. You can double that filtration with the all-powerful beard. Seasonal allergy symptoms will be more mild, and you'll be less likely to fall victim to illness during cold and flu season. No "achoo" for you. Again, it's beard FTW!
Not yet convinced? 
#6- Chicks Dig It
Not in a superficial "OMG, he's so trendy and sexy" kind of way. This is science. Women are scientifically proven to be more attracted to men with facial hair, and a recent study has shown that bigger beards provide better results. Full beards give ladies the impression that a man is full of masculinity, sexual maturity, patience and loyalty. The scientific message behind the mask of these sultry words is- wait for it, guys- You are the perfect, long-term relationship candidate with husband potential and extreme baby making skills. If you aren't prepared for this, please go to your local drug store and purchase some clippers. 
#7- Save Time, Money and Frustration
Shaving is a time consuming routine that is typically performed every other day by men who choose to go for the cleaned up look. Lather the cream, butter up the face, and GO... then you nick your face, continue, rinse out the razor, continue, nick yourself again, rinse out the razor, continue, rinse off your face, dry your face, apply small pieces of toilet paper to your cuts, rinse the sink clean of tiny pieces of stubble... I'm exhausted already. Then there's the cost- razors, cream, aftershave, moisturizers (because shaving strips your skin of the oils it naturally produces to be healthy and soft), blemish treatments (because dry skin causes irritation and acne)... the list continues, but the point is, it's all downright frustrating. Save yourself the hassle. Let it grow, get some quality beard care products that will last you for months, and rid your life of a pesky, repetitive chore. 
#8- Get Creative
Beards aren't just cost effective, element protecting chick magnets. They are a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a work of art. You can decorate your face to fit any season, or (if you're feeling adventurous) any day of the week. Take creativity to the next level, and when you find your own personal style of wacky perfection, show it off to the world! Competitions such as the National Beard and Moustache Championships are a true display of beard style innovation. Fair warning, the competition is stiff, so make sure you're ready! 
Come on, gentlemen. Step over the velvet rope and join the VIB (Very Intriguing Beard) section. We listed 8 great reasons to drop the razor, but you will find that there are many, many more. Just try it- we guarantee you won't have any regrets!

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When I was a younger man , growing my beard was easy. Now that 60 hit me, seams like it’s harder to get the fullness& length that was possible earlier in life. Got any tips?


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