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Love YourSelfie

Kayla Young |


Everyone is familiar with the term “selfie”. This slang definitely shortens the drawn out version of “using the front facing camera on my cellphone to take a picture of myself”.

Today’s society is taking more and more selfies, no matter what the occasion may be. Out with friends, family gatherings, reunions... or maybe to show off the flattering fit of a new outfit. While some people may frown upon the practice and consider it an act of self-adoration, we feel the exact opposite.

What’s wrong with some self love? Embracing the image your were given is something to be treasured. Far too many of us forget to take some time to love ourselves; to look in the mirror and pick out something we like about our appearance. Yes, the person on the inside is what matters most, but that inner person can shed some flattering light onto the outside.

Maybe your energetic personality widens your smile a little more. Perhaps your soft heart makes your eyes more gentle and kind. Or maybe your sense of humor brings out the dimples in your cheeks each time you laugh. There are so many things about the inner you that shine light upon the outer you.

We want to know what it is you love about yourself. Take a second to think about it. What unique characteristic makes you who you are?

This might be a little strange, especially for a blog post, but we are asking that you to drop your selfie along with a few sentences telling us something you love about yourself and why. Your smile? Eyes? Hair? Beard? Whatever it may be, embrace it- and always remember to take some time to love yourself on occasion!

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Started using the products a few months ago. Nothing but good stuff. Love the oil and balm. I’m in N.C.I’m happy you guys are close to home.

Richard (Sarge )whitson,

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