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Pipeline About Us

The People     The Products     The Company

Mountaineer Brand is a West Virginia based All-Natural health & beauty product company. Founded in 2013 we have quickly grown from a local individual selling to family & friends to a small business selling across the US and in Europe.


The People

Eric Young (Founder & CEO) & Meredith Young (COO)

Eric Young, Mountaineer Brand CEO

This brother and sister team, also referred to as Mr. & Sister Mountaineer, have worked hard to build Mountaineer Brand from the ground up. Together they have spent countless hours researching, brainstorming, traveling, and conceptualizing to make a brand that is well known and loved. As Founder and CEO, Eric is the mastermind behind creating all of Mountaineer Brand's wonderful products, while sister and COO Meredith ensures Mountaineer Brand continues to run smoothly and efficiently.


The Team

Since its inception, Mountaineer Brand has grown quickly, and as of early 2017 we have a permanent but growing staff of approximately fifteen employees who help with everything from managing our online sales and presence, to managing wholesale and retail clients, logistics and shipping, customer service, human resources, and of course making, packaging, and shipping your products.


The Products

Mountaineer Brand began as a beard care company, we have since grown to offer a shaving product line, as well as a diverse family care line. Our family care line bears the moniker of Eric’s great-grandmother Granny Vicars, she was an obvious choice to be the face for our all-natural family care products, as both Eric and Meredith remember her for her resourcefulness as a loving and caring woman who lived off the land with no running water or electricity.

While our product range continues to expand, one thing remains constant. Mountaineer Brand remains committed to using natural ingredients. This commitment comes from far more than a desire to jump on the growing all-natural bandwagon. By the time Eric started Mountaineer Brand in 2013 he had recently lost both his wife and his mother to cancer, and it opened his eyes to the potential consequences of consuming products with artificial additives as well as how those same consequences could be drawn from what we apply to our skin. Eric has committed himself to making clean, natural and healthy choices for his family and it was a foregone conclusion that any products he produced and sold would be in line with this lifestyle. It is a “what you see is what you get” approach to business, and as a part of this, every product listing on our website includes a full list of ingredients so that you are fully aware of what’s in the product before you buy and not just when it arrives at your door.


The Company

Mountaineer Brand was founded in 2013, somewhat by chance. Our founder Eric Young was growing growing his traditional Fall beard when he began to research beard care options to enable him to keep the bread without the irritation and itchiness that newer beards can cause. Being a father of three on a lower than average salary, Eric was unable to justify paying the prices of the current beard care options on the market, so instead, he decided he would learn how to make his own.

Initially, it started as nothing more than a personal project with the single goal of caring for his own beard at a reasonable cost, using natural ingredients. Quite soon, people began asking Eric what he used in his beard to make it look so good, and Eric decided to start making his product in small batches that he could sell to friends and acquaintances to supplement his income and treat his family. As popularity grew, Eric listed the products on Amazon.com and all of a sudden the brand started to take off.

Having started the company from his own kitchen, it was only a few short months before production volume and storage demands meant the house really was not ideal. To combat this, and not anticipating the growth to continue, in early 2014 Eric began to build a 12’ x 12’ shed on his property to store the product. It did not take long to realize that this would also not be large enough. After finishing the shed, Eric began to build a 2000 sq. ft. workshop on his property to house the business, but again the business grew and so that workshop grew 2600 sq. ft. and the homeowners’ association politely requested we find an alternative location from which to operate.

In early 2016 we found a vacant space in a local industrial park, a large space which at the time felt too big for us to ever fill. One year later, we have been forced to add a second floor to prevent overcrowding.

Although our main business channel remains online sales, we have also managed to grow into retailers across the United States, and also have a major distribution partner in Sweden.