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7 Awesome Beard Care Tips To Keep Your Facial Hair Majestic

7 Awesome Beard Care Tips To Keep Your Facial Hair Majestic beard care

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7 Awesome Beard Care Tips To Keep Your Facial Hair Majestic

Interested in walking the long, rugged road to full beard ownership? These 7 awesome beard care tips are here to help you along your way!

Beards are trending like crazy, and if you're interested in growing one out, you should know how to best take care of it. 

Keep reading for our guide to making sure you maintain the best beard ever with these awesome and easy beard care tips. 

1. Keep It Clean

This rule applies to beards big and small. When eating, food can drop into your beard, even if you can't see it. Wash it a few times a week with shampoo to make sure it's clean and healthy. 

While washing your beard is important, make sure you're not washing it more than a few days a week. If you wash your beard too much, it could mess with the natural oils that your skin produces to keep your beard moisturized. Too much washing could lead to a dry, scratchy beard. 

Try one of our beard washes, which come in four different manly scents. Because it uses all-natural ingredients, you can avoid the random chemicals in your typical shampoos and conditioners that may irritate your face. The wash is mild and works while leaving those much needed facial oils in place. 

2. Keep It Protected 

Keeping your beard protected and healthy is just as important as the hair on your head. After washing, use beard oil to moisturize, leaving both the skin and hair soft. The oils will promote healthy growth, for anyone who needs a little help in growing a fuller, better beard. 

While beard oils keep your skin and beard hair healthy, they also have additional pluses. Beard oils will give the hair a natural shine, and they also smell fantastic. These oils also last a long time, as a little goes a long way. Just run a few drops, through your beard and you're ready to go! 

3. Keep Hands Off 

If you have a habit of playing with your beard, you should stop now. If you touch, pull or play with your beard, it could be damaging your beard hairs and stunting growth in the areas you often touch. 

Additionally, touching your beard may strip it of its natural oils it needs to fight off dry skin and dandruff.  Bacteria from your hands can also make your beard dirty and unhealthy. 

4. Keep It Groomed 

Keeping your beard groomed is a great way to keep it looking good, polished and healthy. Make beard grooming a part of your routine.

Using a beard comb is a great way to brush out dead hairs, making room for new ones. It will also help to make sure your hairs are all going in the same direction, for a more presentable look.

Having a trimming scissor handy is a great tip to remember when brushing your beard. It's normal to have hairs at different lengths. When brushing, trim random hairs that are longer than others to make sure your beard has organized shape.

Also, cut any split ends that will stick out of your beard. We suggest small scissors instead of electric trimmers, which may actually cause split ends.

A pro tip: cut as little as possible, when your first starting out. You can always go back and cut more, but this way you don't have to worry about taking awkward chunks of hair out of your beard, which may force you to completely start over with a clean, even shave. 

Not yet comfortable trimming your beard? Head to your local barber, who is sure to do a great job. 

5. Keep It in Shape 

When growing your beard out, you should know which beard shape works best for your face, and maintain it when trimming. 

For a full guide to figure out the best beard shape for you, head to this site!

6. Keep It Nourished 

If you're trying to grow your beard quicker or more fully, vitamins can help. Taking vitamins such as biotin can be a great supplement to your diet for healthy skin and hair growth. 

If you want to implement some more foods into your diet that promote healthy hair growth, eat lots of protein, such as eggs and meat. Veggies and milk can also assist in providing your body with the healthy vitamins it needs for hair growth, such as Vitamins B5, B3, and B9.

7. Keep It Spoiled 

While all of the above are great starts to a healthy beard, there are tons of other products that can help keep your beard pristine. 

Using beard balm is a great idea for anyone looking to repair damaged hairs. Beard balms act as a conditioner, moisturizing the skin underneath. This is a great option for anyone who wants a beard but suffers from dry irritated and itchy skin underneath. 

If you have an unruly stache that you want to shape for a polished look, try mustache wax for a natural look and stable hold. 

If you want a beard, but are prone to acne or any other type of blemish, consider using an apple cider vinegar spray. This all-natural remedy will have your beard fungus and bacteria-free.

The apple cider vinegar spray works to balance your skins PH, making it equally helpful with someone who feels their beard is too greasy or oily. If you're using a lot of products to mold, shape and gel your beard, this spray works as a great remover. It will wipe your beard and skin clear of product build-up which can cause breakouts. 

Easy Beard Care Musts 

If you want a sharp-looking beard, you need to know how to take care of it.

Follow these helpful beard care tips, and head to the beard and mustache section of our site to shop our amazing, all-natural products. They will have your beard in perfect shape in no time. 


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