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As promised, we have added a Stocking Stuffer category to our collection. We carefully selected items that everyone will love, so we are certain that you can find something for the whole family. A few of the items are listed below, and if you like what you see, simply click on the picture and it will take you right to the item on our website. 
Coal and Comb
Coal in stockings isn't just for naughty children. In fact, you'll probably find that most bearded men are wishing for coal in their stocking this year. Give him a comb to work that Mountaineer Gold through his beard and you just might find that you have given the best gift of the season. 
Granny Vicars' Lip Balm: 4 of Granny's Best
Keep your lips moisturized to prevent cracking. There is enough to go around! At this price, you can afford to get everyone their own variety pack and let them try all four flavors, or you can split up and make it go even further. We understand the value of a dollar! After all, it's something we learned from our Granny!
Large Variety Sampler Pack: All 5 Beard Oil Scents
Whether you're looking to try them out or if you're just looking for more variety in your daily routine, our Variety Sampler Pack allows you to try all five of our oils in one pack. Each pack comes with five, 1 dram vials in a small burlap pouch.


 Slumbertime Balm

Help get your little ones off to sleep the natural way with the help of Granny Vicars' Slumbertime balm. Granny didn't raise 13 children without a little help from Mother Nature. The soothing ingredients in our Slumbertime balm go to work fast to help relax your little ones and carry them off to dream land. (It works on adults too!) 

Granny Vicars' Sore Muscle Rub

We won't pretend we don't have them. Whether you spent too much time in the woods pulling on a bow string or or too much time shopping and lugging around those heavy bags, the season takes it toll. Granny understands! If you know someone who worked hard all month to bring the best of the season to you and your family, threat them to some relief with Granny's Sore Muscle Rub. There's nothing artificial inside--only relief!



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