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Thank You

Thank You

Kayla Martin |

To all of our friends and loyal customers, old and new, we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your support this year.

One of the biggest things you all did was show support through one of the craziest years many of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. This pandemic has caused a lot of stress in many different areas of life, and while many businesses closed their doors, we were able to keep our doors open, in large part because of you. We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it… we would not be where we are without you. Each and every one of you makes our brand better.

We thank you so much for this. 

Many of you have also been waiting for new products and we appreciate your patience as we work hard to role out new items and scents. It takes time to get things into place; working out new recipes, finding the best ingredients, perfecting the recipe and then choosing the packaging and designing the labels. You've stuck by us and waited patiently for us to deliver what we promised.

We thank you so much for this. 

As new products were released, so many of you supported us without hesitation. You trusted our brand enough to give them a try because you believe in the products we offer. This means more to us than you’ll ever know.

We thank you so much for this. 

To our friends that have been there since the beginning, the ones who have continued to come back and make us their official brand, thank you. We promise that we will continue to work our hardest to deliver the best, highest quality all natural products we can offer. To our new friends that have recently decided to give us a try, thank you. We hope that you love your products and welcome you to the Mountaineer Brand family.

We thank you all, so much, for all that you do. While 2020 may have had some dark days, we can always look forward to the better, brighter days. It’s because of you, our friends, that we have hope for a better tomorrow. We're saying goodbye to 2020 with a spirit of gratitude, and we’re going into 2021 with that same spirit and a little more hope. Cheers to a better year, friends. 


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