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New Year, New Beard: Tips for Starting Your 2021 Beard Care Routine

New Year, New Beard: Tips for Starting Your 2021 Beard Care Routine

Kayla Martin |

It’s a brand new year, so that means now's your opportunity to get a fresh start in different areas of your life. While we may not be able to help out with the more complex things you wish to change, we can definitely help out when it comes to getting your beard game on the right track. In this article, we have listed some of our best beard care products; the products we know will get you off to a great start and give you a strong, healthy beard. We’ve even included some tips and tricks for faster, better beard growth, so make sure you read until the end.

2021 is your year for an epic beard! 

Starting Points

The first couple of steps are pretty obvious:

  1. Start letting your beard grow out
  2. Be patient while it does. 

The first few weeks might get a little itchy, but if you stick with it and use the right products, powering through will be a breeze. 

Starting Products

To get your beard started, you really only need a couple of good, quality products. 

One of these products is Beard Wash

Yes, you need Beard Wash even if you don’t have a huge beard growing on your face. Our Premium Line Beard Wash is great not only for your beard, but your skin, and since your skin is the growing canvas, it’s equally important to care for it properly. 

The second thing you’ll need is Beard Oil. 

This is how you get through that horrid itch in the beginning stages of beard growth. Just like our Premium Beard Wash, this Premium Beard Oil is great for your beard and skin, resulting in a healthy, handsome beard. Seriously, DO NOT skip this step. Even stubble needs nurturing. 

After 3-4 weeks, we recommend adding Beard Balm to your routine. 

Beard Balm has all the benefits of Beard Oil, but it’s an extra step in conditioning your beard and maintaining its overall health. When used regularly, you’ll notice significantly less split ends and dry, damaged strands of hair. Your beard will be softer, stronger and much more manageable when you add this product to your routine. 

If you want to go all in with your efforts and don’t have the patience to wait, you can try some products from our new Beard Growth Collection.

These products will allow your beard to grow faster and healthier by significantly inhibiting DHT production, improving circulation in the skin, stimulating hair follicles, and improving the durability of new hair growth. Due to popularity, these products sell out quickly, so if you see what you want in stock, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get it in your cart before it’s gone. 

Closing Points

If growing an awesome beard is part of your 2021 resolution, you’re already covered. So, to sum it up: 

  1. Start Growing 
  2. Be Patient
  3. Grab and start using a Mountaineer Brand Premium Beard Wash 
  4. Grab and start using a Mountaineer Brand Premium Beard Oil 
  5. Grab and start using a Mountaineer Brand Premium Beard Balm (Weeks 3-4) 
  6. If You Want To Go The Extra Mile, Check Out Our Beard Growth Collection

While we can’t make you motivated enough to stick with being vegan or get to the gym 6 days a week, we can surely give you what you need to have the best beard of your life. Enjoy the growth, friends. 

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