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The Importance of Grooming

The Importance of Grooming

Adrienne Pearson |

The Importance of Grooming

Based on the title of this blog, you can clearly see that we think grooming is important. There are many different types of grooming, and it can be done in many different ways. Everyone has their own, unique style. What’s yours? 

Maybe you’re a bearded badass. Maybe you’re a clean cut guy. Maybe you rock a mustache or goatee better than the next guy. Whatever your style may be, there’s room for grooming in each category. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the above mentioned categories and discuss the importance of grooming in that specific area. We’ll also suggest some products that will help you along in your grooming game and get you looking like a clean, mean, manly machine. 

Grooming for the Bearded 

Keeping a well groomed beard doesn’t require cutting inches off and keeping it close to your face. It’s really a very simple routine, and we’re quite certain you’ll be able to keep up with the routine.

Why is it important to groom your beard? 

Keeping yourself clean is essential, and your beard is no different than any other member of your body. When you wash it, you are getting rid of dirt, bacteria, and maybe some of your lunch from hours ago. Get rid of the gunk with a wash that’s formulated specifically for beards, and steer clear of body washes, shampoos for hair, and anything with chemicals. 

Another important part of a good beard grooming routine is to condition, and a solid, all-natural beard oil or balm will get the job done. Not only do these products condition the beard, but the skin beneath it as well. Skin health plays a big part in beard health. 

Finally, be sure to get a beard brush or comb to avoid any knots or tangles. Presentation is everything! 

Grooming for the Clean Cut Gentleman 

If you’re on the opposite side of the beard game, make sure you have the right products on hand. A nice, close, wet shave gets the job done best, giving you a nice, dapper look. 

Why is it important to get a good, close shave? 

As we mentioned above, presentation is everything. The closer your shave, the smoother your skin. The best way to achieve this is to get the proper tools. Find a safety razor with an open comb to prevent razor burn and get that flawless look. 

Another thing to consider when it comes to shaving is what you’re applying as a pre-shave. Again, all-natural is what’s best for your skin. Pre-Shave oils and/or shave soaps will work with your safety razor to glide smoothly across the skin, giving you the closest shave imaginable. 

Be sure to moisturize after shaving to soften the skin and reduce irritation. 

Grooming for the ‘Stached Man

If you’re somewhere in between the beard and the baby face, you still have to groom. Being clean and well-kept is essential no matter what you wear on your face. You don’t want to walk around with a wiry mustache or goatee anymore than a bearded man wants to, so keep it maintained and conditioned to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Since this style requires a good wash, beard shampoo works best. You’ll also want to shape up the area, so all the shave products we mentioned above will also be useful. 

To condition a goatee, look again to an all-natural beard balm or oil. Length does not matter here- you still need to use a conditioner (NOT hair conditioner). This prevents drying of the facial hair, as well as skin irritation. 

Finally, if you're rocking a mustache, keep it under control with all-natural wax. This will allow you to shape and style as you choose, making you look more well-defined and self aware. 

Wrapping it Up 

As you can see, grooming is essential no matter what you wear on your face. A man should take pride in both his character and appearance, and he should feel confident in himself while doing it. When he looks in the mirror, he should be a reflection of who he aspires to become, and we’re doubtful that any man is going to walk around drenched in confidence if he’s looking shabby. So, keep yourselves clean and groomed, gentlemen. It makes life a little more sweet. 

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