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The Story Behind the Scents

The Story Behind the Scents

Eric Young |

The tale of Mountaineer Brand's scents unfolds from an unexpected beginning in October 2012. It all started with a small batch of Timber beard oil, initially created for personal use and shared informally with friends. At that moment, it never crossed my mind that this humble experiment would evolve into a thriving business.

Inspiration struck from the rich heritage of West Virginia, and thus, our first three scents were born, each named after a cherished aspect of the state. Timber, a tribute to the fragrant West Virginia forests; Coal, a homage to our abundant natural resource; and Barefoot, a playful moniker reflecting the spirited nature of West Virginians.

These original products, still proudly manufactured by Mountaineer Brand, retain their timeless appeal on Amazon, adorned with the classic Mountaineer Brand aesthetics. While the website features a slightly more premium product line, Amazon offers a cost-effective alternative for those seeking the familiar scents.

Timber Wash

Timber retains its name across both platforms, known for its authentic woodsy aroma. Coal transitions to Mountain Fresh on the website, but the name Coal endures on Amazon. Barefoot becomes Bare on the website, yet retains its Barefoot identity on Amazon.

These initial three scents serve as the cornerstone of what Mountaineer Brand represents today. As our journey transitioned from a personal endeavor to a thriving business, I continued to create new scents, guided by customer requests and a genuine desire to encapsulate the essence of our beloved state.

In 2023, as part of our brand's revitalization, some scent names underwent a transformation. Citrus and Spice became Appalachia, reflecting the warm, citrusy, and spicy notes of the fragrance, while Lime and Sage was rebranded as Tundra, evoking its refreshing and slightly earthy essence.


Our scents are not merely fragrances; they are a narrative, a testament to Mountaineer Brand's evolution. They encapsulate the fusion of quality, tradition, and the West Virginia spirit, sealed within each bottle. We invite you to embark on this aromatic journey through history and heritage, a journey that began with a profound love for this untamed and wonderful state. Thank you for being an integral part of our fragrant narrative.

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