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10 Essential Habits of the Well Groomed Man

Mountaineer Brand-10 Essential Habits of the Well Groomed Man

Adrienne Pearson |

Are you on a quest to find out the secrets of a well groomed man?

You see them everywhere: at the gym, in the office, out on the town.

But how do you become one?

Men's grooming isn't as difficult or mysterious as it seems. A few key steps added to your routine can help you up your game and come across as a confident, well groomed man.

Here are 10 habits of well-groomed men to help you.

1. Moisturize Skin

You can't claim the title of best-groomed man in the room if you show up with dry, flaky skin.

A regular skin care routine is a crucial part of being well-groomed. That includes regular moisturizing to keep your skin conditioned.

Find a moisturizer that matches your skin type, whether your face is dry, oily, or combination.

Apply it in the morning and at night after you wash your face to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Your lips need a little love, too. Apply lip balm regularly to moisturize the skin on your lips, which prevents chapping.

2. Exfoliation

You'll need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, but exfoliating is also important.

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that everyone has. That leaves you face looking brighter, healthier, and smoother.

Exfoliate your face once per week with an exfoliating facial cleanser to keep it smooth. Moisturize well after you exfoliate.

Don't forget to exfoliate the rest of your body, too. A gentle body scrub used in the shower helps get rid of the dead skin cells from head to toe.

3. Regular Haircuts

Keeping your hair trimmed, no matter what length you prefer, keeps it looking smooth and healthy.

Schedule regular appointments with your barber. How long should you go between barber visits? That depends a lot on your style.

A common recommendation is getting your hair cut once per month

That works well for men with slightly longer hair. But if you like your hair very short or you get it razored on the sides, you'll want to go more often. Every 2 weeks keeps the look crisp, fresh, and polished.

Finding a barber you trust is also important in maintaining a well-groomed appearance. If you go to random barbers, you never know what you'll get. It's tough to maintain a clean, consistent, groomed appearance that way.

4. Facial Hair Care

Whether you prefer yourself with or without facial hair, it's something you have to take care of regularly to look sharp.

If you're a no-facial-hair guy, shave every day to maintain a smooth look.

If you like the rugged look of a little (or a lot) of facial hair, you need to keep it trimmed and styled well to look polished.

A high-quality beard oil or beard balm conditions your beard, giving it just the right amount of shine.

You can also get beard shampoo to keep your facial hair clean and healthy.

When it comes to styling your facial hair, grab some moustache wax to hold the look.

5. Body Hair Grooming

Managing hair doesn't stop at the neck.

Well-groomed men take care of the hair everywhere.

Trimming your armpit hair can help reduce odors throughout the day. It lets you apply your deodorant to the skin instead of just clogging up your armpit hair.

If your chest and abdomen are really hairy, consider shaving those areas.

Well-groomed men also tend to go a little lower to do manscaping in the pubic area. Keeping things neat and trimmed makes a good impression during intimate moments.

6. Nail Care

If you think nail care is only a concern for women, you're missing out on an opportunity to set yourself apart as a well groomed man.

Trim your nails regularly to keep them an appealing length. 

Grab your clippers after a shower when your nails are soft for easier nail trimming. Smooth the edges with a nail file. 

Don't forget to trim your toenails. Cutting the nails straight across cuts the risk of ingrown nails, which can be painful.

Moisturizing your nails is also important. It keeps them flexible so they don't break and split as easily.

You can take care of your nails at home, but it's also perfectly acceptable for men to get manicures and pedicures. You don't have to leave the salon with bright pink nails to enjoy professional nail care. You will come out with great-looking nails.

7. Fragrance to Enhance Smell

If you're using your cologne to cover body odor, you're doing it wrong.

Fragrance should enhance your appeal, not cover less-than-appealing aromas.

You also don't want to overdo the cologne. Overwhelming fragrance repeals everyone, men and women.

Finding your signature scent can make you feel more confident. 

Some men switch their scent based on the seasons. In the summer, citrus-based scents give you a lighter, fresher fragrance. 

In the winter, scents with spicy and herb tones work well for a warm scent.

8. Sunscreen

Even if you're just outside for short periods of time, UV rays can cause skin damage. That can include thickened skin, dryness, premature wrinkles, discoloration, and cancer. 

Walking around with skin damage doesn't help you achieve the groomed look you want.

Smooth on sunscreen every day to cut down on the signs of skin damage. Even on cloudy days, the UV radiation can reach your skin.

9. Dental Hygiene

Practice regular dental care to keep your smile looking just as polished as the rest of your appearance.

Brush and floss at least twice per day to keep your smile clean and fresh.

Schedule regular dental visits to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined. You can also talk to your dentist about teeth-whitening options if you're concerned about the whiteness of your smile.

10. Hydrate

Eating well and getting your fill of water to stay hydrated help you look your best. The things that go into your body affect your outward appearance. Living an overall healthy lifestyle helps you look better and feel better about yourself.

Become a Well Groomed Man

If you're aiming to become a well groomed man, create a routine that includes care for your skin and hair. Simple changes to your daily routine can make big results in your appearance.

Shop our body care products and more to make your routine easier.

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