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Rocking the 'Stache With Style: 7 Tips for Using Mustaches Wax

Mustaches are the new in thing; if you don't have one, you'd better start questioning why not!? But if you do have one, you'd better believe in 2020 that you should be maintaining it properly.

We don't just mean washing your mustache regularly, you should be doing that normally when you shower! We're talking about using specially produced mustache wax.

What is mustache wax you ask? Well, its a wax that you put on your mustache. Fairly self-explanatory, right? 

It's used primarily to keep your mustache design in place as well as to protect it from the elements. After all, mustache maintenance is just as important as full beard maintenance. Now that you know what it is, read on to find out 7 tips to using mustache wax today!

1. Mustache Wax: Choose Your Wax (Strength and Type)

Mustaches are more popular than ever, but you need to make sure yours looks as good as it can be. First things first, you need to know how to choose the right mustache wax for you. Two main things need to be considered here.

The first, and arguably most important, is the strength of your wax. You can purchase mustache wax in different holding strengths, typically light/medium, medium, strong and extra strong variations. 

The difference between them is that light/medium mustache wax isn't gonna hold as well as extra strong. The strength you'll need depends on how long your mustache is as well as how elaborate your styling is.

In addition to strength, the other main determiner between mustache wax brands is the type of wax it is. There are many different kinds with different properties, from organic mustache wax to tinted and vegan variants. 

Do some research on different brands to decide which of these you'd prefer to go with.

2. Think About Scent and Color

As well as strength and type, when deciding your mustache wax don't forget to consider the scent and color.

These factors won't change how the wax works on your mustache (too much) but will affect the smell and look of it. Many different mustache wax scents are on the market today, including citrus, timber, and mountain fresh.

When it comes to color, the decision is much easier. You should get a wax color that matches your hair color, so the wax blends in with your design. 

3. Don't Use Oil

The main mistake that first-time mustache waxers make is that they oil their mustache first. 

Wax isn't water-soluble, which is what helps it protect your mustache from rain and other elements. But it is oil-soluble; this means that if you apply wax to a well-oiled beard, the wax is likely to break down as you try to use it.

This is the exact opposite effect of what you want the wax to do. It should hold your mustache in place, not disintegrate on impact. To avoid this happening, simply don't use oil before using your mustache wax. 

Instead, apply it after you've showered and dried your face, so your mustache is clean and ready to be groomed.

4. Take Your Time

Another problem for mustache waxers is being impatient with the process. We know you often have a busy morning schedule and need to get your grooming done quickly so you can be out the door.

But if you take just a few minutes longer on your waxing, the results will show. Think about it as if you were sculpting a work of art, which you sort of are in a way. If you rush the process, it's going to look shoddily done or a bit messy in places.

But if you take your time, go from hair to hair, then the result will be something to marvel at. Once you've gotten more patient with mustache care, you can consider other habits to become a fully well-groomed man.

5. Be Gentle

Back to that work of art point; your mustache hair isn't the strongest material in the world. If you start pulling at it from every angle, you're going to hurt yourself and be left with a patchy mustache in the process.

Waxing isn't a rough, quick process, its a gentle and slow routine. This is particularly true for the ends of your mustache. The last thing you want to do is be twizzling your second end to have several hairs get pulled out.

You'd be left in pain with a lopsided mustache on your face. A little bit of caution goes a long way when it comes to mustache waxing. Perhaps if everyone adopts this approach then one-day mustaches will become more popular than beards.

6. Start From The Centre

It can be tempting to go straight for the ends of your mustache, but this isn't the best way of applying wax. The optimum approach is to start from the center and work outwards.

This is because much of your hair is found in the center of your mustache. This outward stroke can help you create a more cohesive design overall for your mustache.

7. Practice It

The best thing you can do when it comes to applying mustache wax is to keep practicing. You aren't going to get it perfect first time, but who does!?

The more you keep at it, the better your result will be. Think about practicing on days where you don't have to go outside, or as you get home in the evening if you're worried about people seeing your early attempts.

The more you work at it, the closer you'll come to the best mustache a man can have.

Where Can I Buy Mustache Wax?

You can buy quality mustache wax right here at Mountaineer Brand!

We specialize in beard and mustache care products and have a huge line of mustache wax to suit every need. If you want a timber scented mustache wax, or an extra firm option, we've got you covered.

Take a look at our full range of beard and mustache care products today. Or if you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please do contact us directly.

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7 Maintenance Tips for Your First Beard

According to a recent survey, 75 percent of American men feel more confident when rocking some facial hair. We know that we do.

Facial hair is a symbol of manliness, strength, and reliability. Think of the great masculine icons from history like lumberjacks, mountain men, special forces soldiers, and Spartan warriors. There's one thing they all have in common: well-cultivated facial hair.

Yet, as any amateur beard-grower will know, you can't leave your hair to grow and expect a magnificent beard to emerge fully-formed. Whether this is your first beard or your hundredth, if you don't maintain it, you'll end up with a scraggly, untameable beard. No one needs that kind of knock to their follicular confidence.

Maintaining a beard can seem like a lot of work. The truth is once you've bought a few supplies like our beard oil, developing a good beard care routine is easy.

We want you to grow that awesome beard of your dreams. Stick around and we'll show you how!

1. Invest in a Beard Brush and Comb

Keeping your first beard tidy is key if you want to remain confident in your facial locks. To keep it looking neat, you'll need to brush it regularly.

Once you've had your beard for around a month, you need to invest in a boar bristle brush. These are made from boar hair, which is very similar to human hair. This means that as it makes its way through your hair, it doesn't irritate or pull too much.

Brushing regularly removes detritus from your beard and promotes blood circulation. Do you know what good blood circulation does? It promotes good facial hair growth.

You can use the brush across all different beard lengths, but combs are a little more specialized.

You should use a beard comb once you've had your beard for three months or so when it's starting to get noticeably long. A beard comb has two sides, one with thicker teeth and one with thinner teeth. This makes it perfect for detailing and controlling your mane.

2. Beard Oil and Balm Are Essential

No matter if this is your first beard or just your most recent, you need to be using beard oil from the very start. Beard oil moisturizes the skin underneath your beard which keeps your skin and beard at their healthiest.

It also softens your beard hair, which means your partner isn't going to have to deal with scratchy kisses. 

Once your beard is long enough to use a comb, you should start using beard balm, too. The balm works wonders on your beard's hair and doubles as a styling agent, almost like a very soft hair wax.

3. Don't Try to Style It Too Soon

Some amateur beard-growers will attempt to style their beard too soon and ruin their progress. You can't take a pair of scissors or a trimmer to your beard too soon. It's like hacking at a bonsai tree and hoping for some world-class topiary.

Your beard needs to be at least an inch to an inch and a half long before you start styling it. Bear with it through the straggly phase. It might not be your dream beard quite yet, but just as every journey begins with a single step, every great beard begins with a bit of wildness.

4. Eat a Good Diet and Exercise

We know what you're thinking: "I came here for beard tips, not lifestyle advice." It may sound trite, but if you want to grow a great beard, you need to take care of yourself.

Exercise helps maintain good circulation and oxygen concentrations in your blood, which leads to healthier hair. Doing resistance training at home or the gym leads to increased testosterone too, which increases facial hair growth. 

As for diet, certain foods can give your beard a boost. These include:

  1. Foods high in iron and zinc like red meat and legumes
  2. Fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins for hair growth
  3. Healthy fats

5. Trim a Neckline

If you're growing a short, first beard, you need to trim a neckline into your beard. Don't make the mistake of thinking that nature will take care of this for you: it won't and you'll be left with a messy bit of facial fungus.

To find your neckline, place your fingers above your Adam's apple. Then trace a U shape to your ear on each side. This will be your neckline. 

There is one exception to this rule. If your beard is long, you can leave your neckline, as the longer hair on the front will cover it anyway, and it'll contribute to a fuller beard.

6. Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard is like washing the hair on top of your head. It's an essential part of good hygiene and making your beard look its best.

You should shampoo your beard a couple of times a week. This keeps your beard clean, fresh, and looking great. You can use ordinary shampoo on it, but for the best results, we recommend using our special beard wash!

7. Forget the Shaving Myth

There's a myth that if you shave your beard, the hair will grow back faster or thicker. This isn't true. This myth springs from the way that shaving leaves sharp ends on your hairs, which can feel coarser, but aren't.

If you want to grow a thicker beard, use the tips that we've given you, eat a good diet, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

How We Can Help You With Your First Beard

Growing your first beard can be a tense experience. It can be fraught with itchiness, worries, and stress. 

Here at Mountaineer Brand, we want to help our unbearded brethren embrace the beard that's in their hearts and get a fantastic first beard. Take a look around our site and you'll find a range of oils, balms, washes, and more that can help take your beard to the next level!

If you've got any questions about our products, please get in touch with us! We'd be happy to help you.

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10 Essential Habits of the Well Groomed Man

Are you on a quest to find out the secrets of a well groomed man?

You see them everywhere: at the gym, in the office, out on the town.

But how do you become one?

Men's grooming isn't as difficult or mysterious as it seems. A few key steps added to your routine can help you up your game and come across as a confident, well groomed man.

Here are 10 habits of well-groomed men to help you.

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Itch Man, Poor Man: Tame that itch in 3 simple steps

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people site “itch” as the reason for not growing a beard. Left untreated, beards do itch. And flake. I don’t know about you, but beard dandruff is about the worst thing to see on an otherwise nice beard. You can get rid of the itch by doing these 3 simple things.


I know it sounds obvious, but you may be surprised at the number of men who do not wash their beards… AT ALL. It’s not always because of poor grooming habits. Often people use the wrong products, get bad results, and just stop trying. The cake of soap that works great on your pits is the absolute WRONG thing for your beard. And so is your girlfriend’s expensive salon shampoo. Soaps and shampoos can be harsh and tend to strip your beard of those natural oils it needs for that sheen we are always chasing.

 How to do it right: Unless there is a good reason to (working in a dusty environment or endless spaghetti dinners), you don’t need to shampoo/wash your beard every day. When you do wash your beard, use a mild castile soap—such as Dr. Bronner’s—or a wash that is specifically designed for beards. Most good beard washes combine a castile soap with essential oils for the perfect blend of cleaning and conditioning. Whichever product you choose, try to hold off on everyday washing and instead use your beard wash 2 to 3 times a week.


A good leave-in-conditioner or beard balm is great for everyday use. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a good conditioner. Coconut Oil is a good, simple conditioner. If you’re looking for something that packs more of a punch, Mountaineer Brand offers a beard balm with Pine Tar. Pine Tar is an ancient remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

 An important thing to remember when using balms and conditioners is that you need dig all the way through the beard until you reach the skin. (Why start with the skin? Think of it this way; if you want to grow and cultivate healthy plants, would you rather plant them in loose, fertile soil or on dry, cracked clay?).  Work your way from your face to the ends of the beard. It will take a few times to figure out how much you will need, but you’ll get the hang of it and your face and beard will thank you!


A good conditioner or balm may not be enough to keep your beard hydrated all day. For this we recommend oil. Essential oils are a good, simple way to start.
Spend a few minutes reading about which essential oils are good for hair and skin. Pay attention to the scent description if you are not familiar with oils; they can range from fabulous to skunk.

Oil that is specially formulated for beards is a good way to take the guess work out of it. Apply Beard Oil somewhat liberally—a thirsty beard will drink it fast. The first time you use it, we recommend that you go one drop at a time until you find the amount that works for you and your beard. Again, start with your face and work your way through to the ends.

 Follow the three simple steps above and use common sense—keep your beard away from open flame, for example—and you’ll be itch and flake free in no time.

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