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A Letter to Bearded Men: This is Why I Love You

A Letter to Bearded Men: This is Why I Love You

Kayla Young |

Dear Bearded Men, 

I would first like to start off by saying thank you, from the bottom of my beard loving heart. Why am I thanking you? Well, mainly because the hedge on your face is super appealing to me. I'm a beard connoisseur of sorts. I don't discriminate by length or thickness of beard. All bearded men are created equal. I've been surrounded by burly men my whole life, which is perhaps that's why I've acquired such wonderful taste. I know that I am not the only woman out there with such a mindset. There are many others just like me. A whole community of gals that want nothing more than to admire your handsome beard, and maybe even pet it every now and again. I would like for you to know why we love you.


1. Growing a Beard Takes Patience

Yes, it truly does. I have taken witness to this process several times. Fighting through the beginning stages of itchy skin, trimming the sides, cutting the mustache that is growing over your upper lip (because it so perfectly compliments your beard), maintaining it with Mountaineer Brand products (see what I did there?)... the list goes on and on. Well, patience truly is an admirable virtue, one that many women look for in a man. If you have such patience with your beard, it's likely that you're pretty patient in many other areas. Plus, it's a pretty good indicator that you don't give up on things you start!


2. It Makes You Look Distinguished 

When I see a well maintained beard, positive associations encompass my mind...

"Hey, that guy has a beard. You know who else had a beard? Abe Lincoln. HONEST Abe"

"He has that beard, he must be pretty manly. I want a manly man that's not afraid to get his hands dirty"

Just a couple of examples


3. Other Men Respect You

This is also something that I have personally witnessed time and time again. My father has an enormous beard. Pretty much every time I've been out in public with him, another gentleman will hold the door for him, give him the "bro" nod, or say something like "what's up, boss?". They say every girl wants a man like her father. Since he is a well respected man (for many admirable reasons besides his beard I would like to add), I would say, yes, I do want a well respected man such as my daddio.


4. It Makes You a Bit Mysterious

You look sexy and confident, all while maintaining an image of dark sophistication. There's just something about a man with a well groomed bit of facial hair that gives him that mysterious edge. 


5. It's a Symbol of Virility 

Historically, the ability to grow a beard is attributed to the onset on manhood. Your beard shows that you are becoming older, wiser and more mature. These are all things that women desire. We want stability, and that's part of the package.


6. It's Fun to Play With

Seriously, it is. And guess what? A nice scratch will be such a treat for your face! I'd say there's a chance you would enjoy it ALMOST as much as I do :) 




7. It's What We're All About 

Remember before I mentioned that my dad has an enormous beard? Odds are, if you're reading this you're aware that he is the owner of the Mountaineer Brand company. We love everything bearded. It's a big part of who we are, and our beard products are what gave us the start to a successful business that now offers a wide range of all natural products that everyone can enjoy. I love working for this company. The bearded community is what allows us to thrive. For that, I thank you with the utmost sincerity! 


Stay Bearded, Gentlemen 


I’ve been using these oils and balms for years. Great quality products in my opinion. Even better are the reactions I get from the ladies regarding the fragrance. Nothing better than hugging some and they say how nice you smell.

Todd Gilmore,

Hello there…just wanted to say your products are amazing.i use them everyday on my beard,I can’t grow mine as long as I’d like because of work. ? anyway thanks for the awesome beard products.

Jeff Snow,

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