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Please, Do Not Use Regular Shampoo in Your Beard!

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Beard care is becoming more and more popular, and that is fantastic, however there is a big mistake, a mistake that is made far too often. Some men think that allowing the shampoo that runs off of their head and down their faces while showering is a good enough cleaning regimen for their beard. Even worse, some men think that using a regular, store bought shampoo is a great way to clean their beards, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. 

I know, it seems logical. You think, "Hey, this stuff cleans my head hair, so it has to be good enough to clean the hair on my face". The hair on your head and the hair on your face are two completely different things. Your beard is much more susceptible to becoming brittle and breaking. So what's the difference between the two shampoos?

Shampoo from the store is designed to strip sebum oil from your skin so that it does not make your hair look greasy and stuck together. We all know how unappealing an oily head of hair can be, so it's pretty much necessary to rid your scalp of those oils if this is a look you want to prevent. Your beard, however, needs these oils to thrive, and that's where beard shampoo comes in.

Beard shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals, because any good manufacturer of such a product knows that these natural oils are vital for a healthy beard. Mountaineer Brand is 100 percent natural, so our wash contains no chemicals whatsoever. This will successfully give your beard the cleaning that it needs without drying it out and making you look like an untamed beast.


Now you may want to know how often you should wash your beard. Well, this is debatable. Some sources say you should wash every day, some every other day, and others say once a week. Our beard expert, Eric, owner of the Mountaineer Brand company says that twice a week should suffice. "You don't need to add a bunch of extra steps to your grooming routine", says Eric. "Keep it in the shower and wash it a couple times a week and follow with an oil, balm or both". 

Keeping a clean beard is important, but making sure you're using the right kind of product to do so is crucial. If you're looking for a good wash, you've come to the right place. Our washes come in various scents and cost much less than our competitors. While you're here, check them out!



Growing my first beard. It’s still a little short but dont know what shampoo and conditioner will be best. I just want the best stuff. I’m starting to get split ends already. Sucks

Jesse ,

It says you shouldn’t use shampoo (off the shelf) on your beard, but can you use beard wash on your head hair?


Patchy hair some skin can it’s fill properly or not please suggest me


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