Thoughtful Gift Giving

One of the most joyous part of the Holiday season is the gift giving. I will admit that I like to receive gifts too, but not all gifts are created equal; ugly Christmas sweaters and ties are at the very bottom of everyone's list. Thoughtful gifts are always welcome--not mater the size or cost; it really is the careful thought, and sometimes planning, that went into purchasing/making the gift that is the real treasure.
The year I started fly fishing, my brother and his kids researched and made me several of the most perfect lures I have ever seen. Each one had a special significance to me or to the family. Now that was a great gift.
This year, vow with me to be thoughtful in gift giving. I'll even get you started:  WiseBread has a list of 20 thoughtful gifts for him that won't break the bank, and Money Crashers has a great list of gifts for her. 
Happy holiday shopping and don't forget to put your heart into it.
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