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Effective Tips for Eating and Drinking With a Beard

Effective Tips for Eating and Drinking With a Beard

Effective Tips for Eating and Drinking With a Beard

Written by: Zack from Beardoholic

Having a beard and mustache are simply part of the man-code, it causes men to want to be you and women to want to be with you. Those positive attributes aside, there is one beard issue that can make even the manliest of guys cower in fear. Being able to eat a plate of nachos with hot cheese or drink steaming hot bowl of soup without getting half the ingredients stuck in the beard is definitely an issue. Fear not, if you take heart and follow a few of these effective tips to eat with a beard, you should be able to escape debris free at the end of the meal.

Credit: @Increadibeard

Keeping Food Out of the Beard

As a general rule, when using a fork or spoon to eat your food, if you want to eat with a beard, just don't overload your utensil. The less food on your spoon and fork, the better chance it will go straight in your mouth and not get hung-up on your facial hair. Better yet, before you even take a bite of any food, use your forefinger and your thumb and brush aside any hair near your mouth.

If you can remember to roll the upper lip upward as you drop your lower lip when you eat with a beard, your teeth will be more exposed and angle the mustache from the mouth and increase the area of space for you to feed yourself. If you are going to be eating messy food like chili, cheese nachos, or soup, be sure to have a wet facecloth nearby to easily clean away any mess. This is a much better option than using the entire stack of napkins at the table. Using a damp cloth or handkerchief will help to avid any paper particles getting hung up in your facial hair like that of a paper napkin.

Another way to keep eat with a beard, bring along some unscented baby wipes. If they are good enough for the delicate bottom of a baby, then they will be able to surely keep your face clean no matter how messy the meal may be. What about when you are eating foods with your hands that are too big for your mouth, for example a large hoagie sandwich. So here you have to be a little creative if you want to keep the beard clean. The trick here is to rotate the food up and below the mustache, then just open your mouth a little wider than normal. Avoid using any mustache or beard wax near your mouth. The food will tend to stick to these regions and be more difficult to clean.

Keeping Drinks Out of the Beard

Keeping the beverages you drink out of your beard is a much easier task than trying to keep foods from getting in your facial hair. The simple fix is drinking more with a straw or from a water bottle. This can be problematic however for the manly man who loves his beer from an icy cold mug. Travel mugs funnel the beverage to a smaller opening to cut down on anything coming in contact with your beard and mustache. Try to remember to drink from your bottom lip, although it may feel strange, it is a breeze after you get the hang of it.

Regardless what you drink or eat with a beard, keep a handkerchief nearby and you can dab off any food or liquid easily. Once you get into a routine, it will become easier to keep your facial hair sparkling clean.


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