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Om Knom Knom

No, I didn't spell it wrong! I'm talking about Knom Bars!  Have you tried these? 

I have a terrible relationship with breakfast foods. I just don't like them, so I'm always on the search for something to eat in the morning that is not stuffed with eggs or meat of some sort. In fact, I often just eat my dinner leftovers from the night before. But I think I many have found something close to perfect in the Knom Bar.

This little sucker is packed with all kinds of "good for you" things and it tastes great! Unlike most granola or power bars that I have tried in the past, this one isn't sticky-sweet. You know the kind I'm talking about... the kind that you can roll into a giant ball of what just about amounts to candy.


Finally, this thing fills you up. Most convenience/grab'n go foods leave you searching for more--either right away or in a couple of hours. 

I picked this beauty up at my favorite coffee spot, Black Dog Coffee. If you're in the area stop by and grab a cup 'a joe and a Knom Bar. You won't be sorry.


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