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Bald, Bearded, Tattooed, Bad Ass

Bald, Bearded, Tattooed, Bad Ass

Kayla Martin |

What picture comes to mind when you think of the word “badass”? 

To us, it's someone that is authentic. Someone that is confident. Someone that embraces every single aspect of who they are, inside and out, and offers no apologies for it. The main key to this picture is CONFIDENCE.

Badass men look the part. Most have a badass bandana covering their bald, badass head. Their face is covered with a badass beard and their body is covered with badass tattoos. If you’re looking to achieve this level of badassery, we have some helpful suggestions to offer listed below in this badass blog. 

Let’s start with Bald and Bearded…

Now, we’re not suggesting you head to the bathroom and shave off every last strand of hair on your head and make growing the beard of Zeus your primary goal. You can have a head full of hair and a bald face and still be a badass, but we’re focusing on the bald and bearded this time around. 

You take care of every other part of your body (at least we hope so) and your bald head and beard should be no exception. Remember, CONFIDENCE is key. In order to care for these two components of badassery, you must: 

  • Keep them clean 
  • Care for and balance the pH of the skin 
  • Protect the skin and hair
  • Detox the skin 

Keeping your head and beard clean can be done easily by getting a wash formulated with natural ingredients. As far as the head goes, we recommend exfoliating the skin prior to washing to ensure that there are no flakes of dead skin just hanging out for the world to see. 

Next, you’ll want to balance the pH. For your beard, finding an oil with the right ingredients will do the trick, but you have to be sure to massage it into your skin. For your head, look for an all-natural astringent that will reduce the sebum your skin naturally produces.

To protect your bald head and beard, you’ll need to moisturize them. All-natural ingredients are the best way to go because they not only moisturize and soothe, but also help to keep the skin balanced and healthy. 


Finally, Detox. This step is important because it removes all the impurities in the pores of your skin, so it’s beneficial for both your head and the skin beneath your beard. When you detox your head, it reduces the greasy shine that draws negative attention to it. When you detox the skin beneath the beard, the pores are unclogged, which will allow for healthier growth. There are a lot of detox masks out there, but make sure you’re checking the ingredients closely. Many of them are filled with chemicals, and this oftentimes causes more harm than good, giving the opposite of a desired result. 

Now, let’s look at the tattoos…

A lot of badass men are covered in tattoos. They tell a story about the man who proudly wears them, but the first thing people will see is the artwork itself- not the story behind it. 

When making the choice to get some ink, we encourage you to do some research and ensure that wherever you choose to go has an environment that is clean, professional, and carries a good reputation for their work. 

After you’ve checked these things off of your list, start looking into the artists at the studio. Most of them will have an online portfolio, and if they don’t, they should have a book to browse. This will give you an idea of the artist’s skill and style. It’s crucial to find an artist that fits the style of what you’re looking for, otherwise you could end up with a lot of regret that dulls your confidence. 

Bald, Bearded, Tattooed and Badass isn’t just a “look”- it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle requires confidence, and any confident man requires some level of self care and respect. Hopefully you’re encouraged to take your confidence to the next level and be the best badass you can be!

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