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Costume Ideas For Bearded Men

Kayla Martin |

Now, we aren’t experts in creativity, and we won’t be able to suggest themed costumes for the whole family, but we can suggest some unique costume ideas for bearded men. Check out what we came up with below ↓!

“The Dude” - The Big Lebowski 

This is a fairly easy costume for any bearded man to throw together!

All you need is an old bathrobe, a dingy t-shirt and shorts, some leather sandals, and a pair of Dollar Store Aviators. 

The best part about this costume is that the look is best completed with a White Russian in hand. 

You’re simply “The Dude”, so that’s what they’ll call you. 


Jules Winnfield- Pulp Fiction 

Pulp Fiction is a movie everyone knows, and Jules Winnfield is a character that no one can forget, so his character makes for a classic costume. 

You likely have an old, black suit and tie sitting in your wardrobe, so that’s a simple find.

You can use our Stache Stick to help style your awesome handlebar mustache.



Bob Ross

This is another simple costume to piece together, and you probably already have the outfit in your closet. 

Get a button-up shirt (leaving the first few undone), then tuck it into a pair of jeans. Top it off with the best Bob Ross ‘fro wig you can find, and don’t forget to accessorize with a painter’s palette. 

Don’t forget to grab your Timber Beard Oil so you can smell like “Happy Little Trees”. 

Al Borland- Home Improvement

If you’re into 90’s sitcoms, this is a good one, and again, it’s simple. 

Grab a flannel, tuck it into some jeans, and grab a tool belt from the garage. Be sure to add some tools to make it look authentic. 


Everyone loved the toolman’s trusty sidekick, so they’ll know who you are. If they ask, just hit them with an “I don’t think so, Tim”. 

Keep your Beard in line with our Styling Stick!

And here are a couple for you guys that rock a healthy ‘stache… 

Apollo Creed

Now it’s not likely that you just have everything ready to go for this costume, but if you rock a full mustache, you’ve got the hardest part out of the way. 

There are a lot of different ways to dress up like Apollo Creed, but this is by far the most classic look that comes to mind.

Ding, Ding. 

Hulk Hogan

If you were a big wrestling fan back in the 80s, you might have your Hulkamania gear somewhere close by, making this a great costume choice for you.

You can use our Stache Stick to help style your awesome handlebar mustache.

If you aren’t feeling Hulk Hogan and want to stick with the Rocky theme, you could also go with THUNDER LIPS! 

Hopefully, these costume ideas sparked some interest for you, especially since most of them are already sitting in your closet

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