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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mountaineer Brand-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Aurie Cline |

As most of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Mountaineer Brand has been deeply affected by this disease and has previously donated a large percentage of sales to this cause, and this year we're doing it once again. Here's a little history behind our story...

In 2006, Mountaineer Brand owner, Eric, and his wife Christina got the devastating news that she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. After several treatments of chemo and radiation, she was cancer free. Little did they know that only two years later, her cancer would return. 

In 2008, Christina's cancer metastasized. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She received more chemotherapy treatments, but eventually the cancer spread throughout her entire body. She still had her heart set on fighting, and fight she did.

After a year long battle, Christina passed away in May of 2009. She was survived by Eric and their three young children. As you can imagine, the sadness of losing his wife was overwhelming to Eric, but to add to this already difficult time, he had to think about raising his children on his own. At the time he was self employed and his financial means were very minimal. 

Things began looking up in 2013 when Eric started Mountaineer Brand. He started in his kitchen, but the business began growing so rapidly that he had to leave his job with the state of West Virginia and focus solely on his own goals. 

When October came around, Eric had a special label designed for Breast Cancer Awareness. The usual tan labels turned pink, and the regular price was lowered. Fifty percent of all sales were donated to the cause. 

This year, this limited time collection returns, and again, fifty percent of all the sales will be donated to a local breast cancer organization. The price will be $12.00. So if you're looking for a bottle of beard oil in the near future, consider making your own donation to the cause. 

We greatly appreciate your business, and for those of you have been affected by this disease, either directly or indirectly, stay strong and keep fighting!

1 comment

As a man that had breast cancer I know the feeling of people staring at you. The breast cancer was the second caner I had in exactly 20 years. The first cancer I had was a stage 4 fast growing “Embryonic Carcinoma” that is usually a testicular cancer.
Mine was wrapped around my Aorta—the artery that comes out of the heart, the vena cava—the vain that supplies the heart with blood and the Ureter—the tube that goes from the Kidney down to the bladder. Forgive me for getting off topic.

For the twenty years after my first cancer I had to deal with two long scars going from my chest down to my pubic area. After the breast cancer I had a miising breast and with a scar to take its place. In addition I also had saggy areas of flesh from where they had removed Lymph Nodes.

I will be forever grateful to God for letting me suffer for the sake of those I prayed for. It’s a Catholic thing.
God bless,
Michael Wilhelmi

P.S. one out of every one hundred men get breast cancer to please ask your doctor to show you our refer you to a doctor who can show you how to examine your testees.

Michael Wilhelmi,

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