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How to Use Your Complete Beard Care Kit

Mountaineer Brand-How to Use Your Complete Beard Care Kit

Aurie Cline |

So, you got this awesome bag full of goodies that fulfills every bearded mans dreams- a brush, beard wash, beard oil and beard balm. It's all so exciting, but also a little overwhelming. If you find yourself thinking "How am I supposed to use this stuff?", don't worry- you are one of many.

The order in which to use them is debatable by different sources, but we figured that the owner of our company and creator of these products would likely be the best source in which to seek advice. So, straight from Mr. Mountaineer himself, here is how to use your Complete Beard Care Kit, step by step. 

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit for Men


1. Wash

Use your favorite scent of Mountaineer Brand wash. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hands and wash your beard, making sure to wash the skin under your beard, and rinse. Gently pat your beard to reduce wetness, but do not dry completely.


2. Oil

Rub the desired amount into the palm of your hand and massage into your beard, again making sure to make contact with the skin under the beard. 


3. Balm

Remove the desired amount of product with the thumbnail, rub into the palms of your hands until dissolved, and apply to your beard. 


4. Brush

This is the last step. Simply groom and style your beard the way you like it. The brush will help to evenly distribute the Magic Beard Balm through your beard, and will act as a leave-in conditioner to give it a smooth, healthy shine. 


It's really simple, and before you know it you'll be able to perform these steps in your sleep. This is how you keep a strong, handsome and healthy beard. Just look at Mr. Mountaineer... he knows what he's doing! 



Just got my Oil and balm looking foreword to how it works for me.

David ,

This is very helpful post. I visit this website for any kind beards caring tips. I really appreciate the products that they recommend. You are doing very good job.


Thanks for sharing this post, just love to read this post :)

Brian Phan,

I recently purchased the Timber scented Wash, Oil, and Balm. I instantly could see the shine of my beard, and my wife loved the earthy fragrance. I am sold from here on out on your product. This made my good beard a great beard. Many Thanks from the hills of Tennessee!!

Matthew Storie,

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