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A Mountaineer Family in Utah- Guest Blog by Anguie Merritt

Aurie Cline |


So, let's talk about Mountaineer Brand products. I came across them on Instagram. What stood out about them to me was the variety of choices in beard care product scents and the different number of products they make.

From oils to balms, even beard wash! I knew that was what I wanted, not to mention the pricing was great for me. I started buying simple things, like the comb and Original Magic Beard Balm. They were a huge success with my husband.

Later, I ended up winning a giveaway. They sent me so many products that I didn't even know they had! I was super excited because I want the best for my family. I also support small businesses, so this is a win win!

I have been using the products they sent me. On my Instagram I post my favorite products from shops I've found on that network. Since Mountaineer Brand is a family favorite, I’m always sure that I promote the products that my family uses daily.

I used the diaper balm and WOW! Compared to other brands found in stores, this stuff is the winner. Not only is the container convenient, the scent is amazing. With one use it helped my son's rash. Then I tried all of their lip balms. Thumbs up on those! Next was the Sore Muscle Rub. I go to the gym, so this stuff is great when I'm feeling that post-workout soreness. 

Now, my husband absolutely loves the beard wash. It has improved the overall appearance of his beard. It doesn't look unruly and grizzly anymore. It looks (and feels) softer. A more polished look I guess you could say. His favorite beard balms are the Timber and Pine Tar scents. For work he uses the Heavy Duty balm along with the oils. He likes both the comb and brush. They have become part of his daily routine.

I can keep going on about how impressed I am with this company, but in short summary I suggest giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed. The customer service is great. They actually care for their customers and make a genuine attempt at getting to know them. I plan to continue to buy from them and support them in anyway I can! I hope you get a chance to try their products. They have something for everyone!

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