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Stubble Guide

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Women are always called high maintenance, and most are. However, a man's face requires a great deal of work as well, regardless of the look he's going for. One of these looks is "stubble". 
Growing in popularity, stubble is a look seen on many faces in Hollywood and men's fashion models world wide. It may seem like the easy way out, but that's simply not the case. Stubble requires work, too. If this is the look you want to pursue, we've provided some helpful hints to get you through. 
First thing you want to do is let your facial hair grow free for a week. This is really important, so don't give in! You need an idea of your growth pattern and speed. This will ultimately help you decide if stubble style is for you. If it just doesn't seem to fit, fear not. You can always grow out your beard :)
If you make the choice to go with this look, you must commit. This will require frequent grooming, just like shaving or maintaining a beard. You will find yourself needing to do a trim a few times a week. 
Now, trimming rules. After your week of growing, pull out the clippers, but don't go too crazy too quickly. Shorten in increments... this way you will see what length looks best on you. And while we're on the subject of trimming, let's talk about the neckline. 
You need to decide if your neckline will be kept clean or stay rugged. If you choose to go the rugged route, you've got to be sure to blend and fade the neckline. Otherwise, you may as well just grow a beard. A hairy neck without a beard is not so appealing. 
You can still care for your stubble with products! Your skin needs to be healthy, regardless of the length of your facial hair. Our Pine Tar wash and balm are extremely helpful with the itch that comes along with this look. 
As you can see, this look requires maintenance, just like anything else you decide to do with your face. That's just reality. Good grooming is a part of daily life. No matter the choice you make, Mountaineer Brand has something for all faces. 

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