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Heat Infused Goodness

Heat Infused Goodness

Kayla Martin |

What makes our Beard Growth Products better than the rest? Well, not only are they all-natural, but they are also filled with carefully researched herbs and roots that are proven to stimulate and improve hair growth. These special ingredients aren’t just tossed in the brew in their original form, though. They go through a very intricate process called “heat infusion”, and that’s what makes them so effective. 

So, What is a Heat Infused Oil?

A heat infused oil is an oil that is infused with the beneficial properties of one or more herbs. Without this process, one would have to chew on or consume the herb to get the benefits, and even then they wouldn’t be nearly as effective as when they are applied directly to the skin. 


How Does the Process Work? 

The herbs we use in our recipes are top notch and ideal for beard growth, but again, they’re better off in liquid form, so this is done by heating the herbs (not cooking them) for a certain amount of time. Once the carrier oil base has started to take on the color and aroma of the herbs, the formula gets filtered and cooled, then poured into the bottle and delivered to you. 

Our Heat Infused Products 

If you’re looking for the best, heat infused beard growth formulas, give ours a try. They don’t disappoint, and they’re the closest thing to a magic growth formula you’ll find!

  • Tired of your patchy beard? Or do you just want to grow a fuller, stronger beard? Get ready for the best growth routine imaginable.


  • Mountaineer Brand’s Heat Infused Beard Growth Serum creates the perfect conditions for full, fast, and healthy hair growth. 


  • Strengthen your beard hair and watch it grow! This beard balm is not only made with premium ingredients that are heat infused into the balm, it is fortified with biotin. 

    So, there you have it. The secret that makes our Beard Growth Product Line the new products you’ll want to try and continue to buy. Heat infused and ready to make your beard grow like crazy! Check out the full collection, and don’t miss out on our special Bundle Deal! 


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