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How To Maintain A Long Beard, & Be A Badass Mountaineer Man!

How To Maintain A Long Beard, & Be A Badass Mountaineer Man!

SAMA Labs |

Long, full, and healthy beards NEVER go out of style! In order to pull off this badass look you need a combination of confidence and flair without it looking too messy (or dry). Many men simply do not know how to properly style or take care of their lucious facial hair, so we thought we’d go over a few tips and tricks so you can slay everyday looking well-groomed and ruggedly handsome!

Apply Beard Oil

From the very beginning of growing your large and in charge beard, a proper beard oil should be applied daily. This way, your beard receives all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow thicker and faster—and will leave your mane soft and conditioned to prevent an itchy and dry beard. Our premium line of Beard Oil has been specifically formulated to contain selected carrier oils that most closely mimic and replace the natural oil produced by your skin that can get stripped away daily, for an all-natural way to maintain. It also features essential oils that stimulate hair growth, improve cellular generation, strengthens hair, and eliminates dandruff so you can rock the best version of your beard, everyday! 


Combing & Brushing

When your beard starts to gain some serious length you might start to notice little curls or curves forming. While these can disappear during later stages of your beard growth, you’ll want to start combing and brushing on a daily basis. This act along with beard oil will help train your facial hair to lie the way you want it to, and prevent it from looking straggly. Mountaineer Brand’s tried and true Military Style Beard Brush is a classic favorite that features an oval shape to fit comfortably in your hand, or even your pocket! With its stiff natural cactus bristles, it helps stimulate hair follicles and distribute your oil evenly for a smooth look that will leave you feeling confident. 


Training The Stache

With a long beard comes a long mustache! Many men make the mistake of trimming their mustache too early, or too short—but when growing a long beard you want the mustache to compliment and blend with your facial hair, which will come with a little training and product. The best way to go about this is to grab yourself a good Mustache Wax, and Mountaineer Brand has your back in that department. Our Original Blend is just what you need to shape and style, and is made from simple, all-natural ingredients with NO petroleum to keep the hair shapeable and healthy at the same time!  


Getting Your Desired Shape

For this you will need to have a beard trimmer, a pair of beard scissors, and a comb on hand. 

Before you even begin shaping your beard you’re going to want to make sure that it’s dry, because you won’t be able to properly see the right length of your facial hair while wet. This common error may result in cutting off too much, or an uneven job. Next, begin to comb your beard in the direction that your hair naturally grows. This is when you will start to see some uneven hairs. Trim them one at a time, at a slow and steady pace to achieve your desired shape. If you notice some unruly hairs that simply refuse to lay down you can grab your scissors and cut them. When shaping, it’s best to start from the sides, and then work down towards the middle of your beard. Once there switch sides and make sure to leave your chin area for the very end. Throughout the process make sure to check that it is looking symmetrical. If you notice a difference, comb your beard again and clean up any wild hairs you may have missed the first time. Continue with this process until you are satisfied with the appearance! 

Being a badass, long bearded, well-groomed man isn’t always easy—but someone has to do it! Why not you? Mountaineer Brand is here with all-natural products that make EVERY man. Take these tips and tricks, grab all your necessary supplies, and be the best version of yourself to walk with confidence each and every day!

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