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Spring (With Your Best Bearded Face) Forward!

Spring (With Your Best Bearded Face) Forward!

SAMA Labs |

With the sun finally peeking through the weather is warming up, birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to bloom. It’s time for more outdoor activities and perhaps a little spring cleaning—so let’s start with your beard! Mountaineer Brand is committed to providing products with all-natural ingredients to help you maintain a soft, healthy, and totally touchable beard that EVERY man can be proud of.

Our bundles are here to make setting up your grooming routine simple and effective, so we thought we’d walk you through this fool-proof setup that’s guaranteed to make a difference! Whether your beard is all grown out or just getting started Mountaineer Brand’s Starter Beard Bundles, it includes everything you’ll need to keep up the beard of your dreams.

Beard Wash

To get started, squeeze a small amount of our Beard Wash into the palm of your hand (about the size of a quarter). Make sure to work it into your beard thoroughly and rinse about two to three times a week. Washing your beard any more than that may strip your hair and skin of much needed natural oils, which is something you definitely want to avoid! With carefully selected essential oils this product will stimulate hair growth, improve cellular generation, eliminate dandruff, reduce hair loss, strengthen hair, and remove bacteria—leaving your beard in its best shape.

After giving your beard the royal cleansing treatment it’s time for a little Beard Oil. Gently massage it with your hands into your beard and skin, and then do your best to distribute it evenly with the brush or comb that comes with the bundle. This product can be used everyday since it contains special carrier oils that are as close as possible to your natural oils that are stripped away daily. This all-natural formula will not only leave your beard nourished and smooth, it creates a fresh and invigorating musk too!

Once your beard is clean and moisturized it’s time to do a little taming. Our Beard Balm will take care of flyaways, and allow you to style while still taking care of your hair and skin. With top quality ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, and butters you’ll be able to achieve your desired manly look with ease. Again, take the brush or comb to smooth everything out and you’re ready to go! Greet spring with all-natural confidence and fresh scents by treating yourself to a Mountaineer Brand grooming routine that can be completed in less than ten minutes!

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