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Mountaineer Brand Winter Blog 2022

Mountaineer Brand Winter Blog 2022

Sara Young |

Winter! It’s beautiful but it’s hard on the skin. Keep yourself in top condition for the winter! The snowy season can bring up a whole host of annoying problems, and Mountaineer Brand is part of the solution.

  Does anyone else have problems with their beard in the winter? The skin underneath has become dry, most likely due to dry air that accompanies the bitter cold. The Mountaineer Brand solution? Use our Beard Oil and Beard Balm! These two products together will help rehydrate your skin, so you can say good-bye to annoying, flaky skin!

   Another COMMON and ANNOYING thing about winter is DRY HANDS! If you suffer from dry, itchy and cracked skin on your hands, Mountaineer Brand has the relief. Our Hand Gunk will help rehydrate that skin. On the first application of this product you can expect immediate relief. It's just the right size to fit in your pocket. You can have relief from dry skin whenever and wherever you go!

    Have you ever thought of growing your beard out for the winter? Beards are a man’s way of protecting your face from the elements. It actually helps to keep your neck and face warm! Our Complete Beard Growth System will have you sporting a full beard! The Beard Growth System is equipped with all the products you'll ever need for growing a beard.

     Protect your bald head from an itchy, flaky scalp this winter! Just like your hands and face, in the winter, your scalp tends to get dry, too. Beanies and caps also irritate and itch an already dry scalp. Soothe and hydrate bald heads with our moisturizing balm. As with some of the other products we've mentioned, our Bald Head Care products will help rehydrate your skin, and your head will be smooth to the touch in no time! 

      Dry skin is one of the most annoying things about winter. Winter is a beautiful season and we must prepare ourselves accordingly. At Mountaineer Brand, we use 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE ingredients! All the ingredients you see on the label are all the ingredients we put in them. With these products in your life, your winter will be a breeze and the breeze will be a pleasure!

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