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Mountaineer Brand's 10 Year Anniversary

Mountaineer Brand's 10 Year Anniversary

Mountaineer Brand has been through many hardships in the 10 years it’s been around. Many of our customers don’t know how Mountaineer Brand came to be. Regardless of what many people think, Mountaineer Brand originated in the founder, Eric Young’s kitchen. It’s a long story, but I am here to provide it for anyone who wants to listen. 

   The idea of Mountaineer Brand came to founder, Eric Young, because he was trying to grow a beard of his own. At the time, he didn’t have much money to spend on beard products and wasn’t happy with the prices of various products. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

   Eric began experimenting with various recipes, and eventually came up with something that worked for him. As he used his homemade beard oil, he began to realize that his project to make all natural beard products for himself was actually WORKING, and surprisingly well! He was so proud of them, that he decided to offer some to his friends and family. They, too, were extremely surprised with how well the products worked.

   Because of all the positive feedback he received from his family and friends, Eric decided to try something new. He was able to get a deal with Amazon to list his products. To his amazement, people ACTUALLY bought his products, and were giving good reviews. Many people were in awe at the fact that these products were all natural and worked so well. 

     Things were going so well that Eric was able to quit his other job. He created a website, and it had a great start. Shortly after the website was created, though, tragedy struck. His house caught on fire because oily rags were put in the dryer. When this happened, he was in the process of building another building on his property for Mountaineer Brand.

      Because of the fire, his family had to move into a hotel for a few months and another few months in a townhouse until the house was remodeled. In this timeframe, the building on his property was finished, and he was able to move Mountaineer Brand in there. His family was able to move back into their newly renovated house shortly after this. After only about one year of having his business in his new building, Mountaineer Brand outgrew the building on his property and was moved into the location it’s in now. Which just happens to be where his previous fiberglass business was located.

       Mountaineer Brand wouldn’t have been able to get where it is today without all of our loyal customers, and we thank you all for trying out our products. Today, Mountaineer Brand still continues to grow and thrive every year. We hope we can continue to grow as a company and a family for many more years to come.

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