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Beard Care Just Got Better

Mountaineer Brand-Beard Care Just Got Better

Kayla Martin |

We have been working hard over the years to perfect our beard care product formulas. Our goal is to make our customers the best, all natural men’s grooming products at an affordable price. With lots of research and carefully chosen ingredients, we developed a complete line of beard care essentials that deliver our customers the results they desire. Since perfecting the recipes of what is now known as our Classic Beard Care products, we've decided to step it up a notch, which brings us to our new Premium Beard Care product line. 

Premium Ingredients 

  • Jojoba- Rich in vitamins and minerals, this oil strengthens and deeply conditions your beard and skin. It also encourages hair growth by reducing excessive sebum buildup, resulting in a fuller, healthier beard. 
  • Grape Seed Oil- Filled with Vitamin E goodness, this carrier oil makes your beard more vibrant and lively. 
  • Almond Oil- This is a lightweight ingredient with heavy benefits like reducing skin inflammation, eliminating dandruff, and encouraging hair growth. 
  • Essential Oil Blend- We use our own special mix of high quality essential oils to top off the base. This proprietary blend will stimulate hair growth, improve cellular generation, eliminate dandruff, reduce hair loss, increase hair strength, and provide antibacterial properties.

This new, effective formula has it all for those that are seeking better health and more growth in their beard. The beneficial ingredients not only work, but smell great. Let's look into the aromas our Premium Line has to offer...

Essential 7: The Essential 7 Blend of Premium beard care is a special formulation of carrier oils and 7 essential oils. It has an earthy scent with pepper and citrus after notes, creating a rugged, yet classy aroma. Just like our Classic Line, this variation has a full line of beard care products available to help you along your growing journey. 

Original BlendThis variant offers a light and invigorating scent. It's still packed full of all the benefits the Premium Line has to offer, including our proprietary blend of essential oils for optimal beard health. Just like the Essential 7, our Original Blend has a full line of beard care products available. 

Don't let the superior ingredients and quality packaging intimidate you... these products are still very affordable. We want to offer the best products money can buy without breaking your bank, so we also have convenient payment plan options available. 

Products can be purchased individually or all together in one of our Premium Beard Care Kits. 

So, we stepped up our game and created what we believe to be the best beard care products on the market. Premium Line products are sure to make your beard look, smell and feel great, all while being the healthiest it has ever been. Are you ready to step up your game and make the switch for a premium growing experience?



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