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Rocking the 'Stache With Style: 7 Tips for Using Mustaches Wax

Mountaineer Brand-Rocking the 'Stache With Style: 7 Tips for Using Mustaches Wax

Adrienne Pearson |

Mustaches are the new in thing; if you don't have one, you'd better start questioning why not!? But if you do have one, you'd better believe in 2020 that you should be maintaining it properly.

We don't just mean washing your mustache regularly, you should be doing that normally when you shower! We're talking about using specially produced mustache wax.

What is mustache wax you ask? Well, its a wax that you put on your mustache. Fairly self-explanatory, right? 

It's used primarily to keep your mustache design in place as well as to protect it from the elements. After all, mustache maintenance is just as important as full beard maintenance. Now that you know what it is, read on to find out 7 tips to using mustache wax today!

1. Mustache Wax: Choose Your Wax (Strength and Type)

Mustaches are more popular than ever, but you need to make sure yours looks as good as it can be. First things first, you need to know how to choose the right mustache wax for you. Two main things need to be considered here.

The first, and arguably most important, is the strength of your wax. You can purchase mustache wax in different holding strengths, typically light/medium, medium, strong and extra strong variations. 

The difference between them is that light/medium mustache wax isn't gonna hold as well as extra strong. The strength you'll need depends on how long your mustache is as well as how elaborate your styling is.

In addition to strength, the other main determiner between mustache wax brands is the type of wax it is. There are many different kinds with different properties, from organic mustache wax to tinted and vegan variants. 

Do some research on different brands to decide which of these you'd prefer to go with.

2. Think About Scent and Color

As well as strength and type, when deciding your mustache wax don't forget to consider the scent and color.

These factors won't change how the wax works on your mustache (too much) but will affect the smell and look of it. Many different mustache wax scents are on the market today, including citrus, timber, and mountain fresh.

When it comes to color, the decision is much easier. You should get a wax color that matches your hair color, so the wax blends in with your design. 

3. Don't Use Oil

The main mistake that first-time mustache waxers make is that they oil their mustache first. 

Wax isn't water-soluble, which is what helps it protect your mustache from rain and other elements. But it is oil-soluble; this means that if you apply wax to a well-oiled beard, the wax is likely to break down as you try to use it.

This is the exact opposite effect of what you want the wax to do. It should hold your mustache in place, not disintegrate on impact. To avoid this happening, simply don't use oil before using your mustache wax. 

Instead, apply it after you've showered and dried your face, so your mustache is clean and ready to be groomed.

4. Take Your Time

Another problem for mustache waxers is being impatient with the process. We know you often have a busy morning schedule and need to get your grooming done quickly so you can be out the door.

But if you take just a few minutes longer on your waxing, the results will show. Think about it as if you were sculpting a work of art, which you sort of are in a way. If you rush the process, it's going to look shoddily done or a bit messy in places.

But if you take your time, go from hair to hair, then the result will be something to marvel at. Once you've gotten more patient with mustache care, you can consider other habits to become a fully well-groomed man.

5. Be Gentle

Back to that work of art point; your mustache hair isn't the strongest material in the world. If you start pulling at it from every angle, you're going to hurt yourself and be left with a patchy mustache in the process.

Waxing isn't a rough, quick process, its a gentle and slow routine. This is particularly true for the ends of your mustache. The last thing you want to do is be twizzling your second end to have several hairs get pulled out.

You'd be left in pain with a lopsided mustache on your face. A little bit of caution goes a long way when it comes to mustache waxing. Perhaps if everyone adopts this approach then one-day mustaches will become more popular than beards.

6. Start From The Centre

It can be tempting to go straight for the ends of your mustache, but this isn't the best way of applying wax. The optimum approach is to start from the center and work outwards.

This is because much of your hair is found in the center of your mustache. This outward stroke can help you create a more cohesive design overall for your mustache.

7. Practice It

The best thing you can do when it comes to applying mustache wax is to keep practicing. You aren't going to get it perfect first time, but who does!?

The more you keep at it, the better your result will be. Think about practicing on days where you don't have to go outside, or as you get home in the evening if you're worried about people seeing your early attempts.

The more you work at it, the closer you'll come to the best mustache a man can have.

Where Can I Buy Mustache Wax?

You can buy quality mustache wax right here at Mountaineer Brand!

We specialize in beard and mustache care products and have a huge line of mustache wax to suit every need. If you want a timber scented mustache wax, or an extra firm option, we've got you covered.

Take a look at our full range of beard and mustache care products today. Or if you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please do contact us directly.

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