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Summer Beard Care Guide

Kayla Young |



Summer is finally here! The sun is shining and the seasonal fun begins. What does this mean for your beard? Maybe you're thinking about keeping it around, trimming it up, or maybe even considering shaving it off. No matter what you decide, we have some tips for summer beard care, along with a list of products we recommend to keep you feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. 

Keep it Full

There are plenty of men out there that are hesitant to keep their beard around during the summer season because they fear it will make them even more uncomfortable in the heat. Fear not! Facial hair barely retains any heat. In fact, it retains so little that you wouldn't even notice. Maybe you're worried about sweat getting trapped under your hedge and causing skin irritation. The key to maintaining anything is caring for it. Care for your beard and skin this summer by keeping it clean. We recommend using Mountaineer Brand beard wash in WV Coal or WV Citrus and Spice scents for a nice summer feel. For extra care, follow up with a Mountaineer Brand beard oil in a matching scent.


Keep it Short/Shapely

If you're not ready to deal with the maintenance of a big summer beard, trimming down is another option. Stubble is also a very popular look this season. If you don't want to give up the density of your beard but want to lose the length, pay a visit to your barber and get a nice shape-up. Either style still deserves some care, so for the shorter looks, we recommend Mountaineer Brand beard oil in one of the scents mentioned above. 


Shave it Off 

Maybe you're ready for a whole new look. You're ready for a change and summer is the perfect time to bare it all. Mountaineer Brand is here for the gentlemen with naked faces, too. To achieve the closest and smoothest shave you've ever experienced, use Mountaineer Brand pre-shave oil in the Cool Mint scent. It prevents razor burn, leaves your skin feeling soft, and has a soft and pleasant summer scent. Follow your shave with Mountaineer Brand post-shave balm in Cool Mint. 

Whatever you decide, we've got the perfect products for you. Use code SUMMER20 at checkout to receive 20 percent off of your entire purchase. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more exclusive offers like these!



Had a bad case of beardruff until I found your oil! Nothing more embarassing than facing my patients with a dark shirt full of flakes. Your oil has been a saving grace!


Great tips! Thanks and keep it up. I’m new to beard realm and your products are great.


Great to! Thanks and keep it up. I’m new to beard realm and your products are great.


Great advice!
From a long time user of Mountaineer Brand Beard Products, I hope you continue publishing these “Beard Care” suggestions.

B. Jones

Brian K Jones,

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