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Don't Sweat the Bald, Embrace it!

Eric Young CEO

Tieece Dixon |

Baldness can be a source of pride and identity for some, while for others, it can be a frustrating and challenging experience. For those who have embraced the bald look, there are still a few struggles that come with it, such as maintaining a clean and healthy scalp. As Summer and the warmer weather approaches, let’s discuss the everyday maintenance of how sweat, heat and the everyday environment impacts the bald head. Why use the  Bald Head Care Bundle  from  Mountaineer Brand

Firstly, let's discuss the struggles of a bald head. One of the biggest issues is the buildup of oils and sweat on the scalp and not knowing what to use to wash and clean it. Without hair to absorb these substances, they can accumulate and cause a greasy, uncomfortable feeling. Additionally, bald heads are more prone to  dryness  and irritation, as they are constantly exposed to the elements. It's important to find a balance between keeping the scalp clean and avoiding over-drying it.

So, what can you use on your bald head to clean and reduce greasiness? The key is to use gentle, natural products that won't strip the scalp of its natural oils. Mountaineer Brand's  Bald Head Care Bundle is an excellent option for those looking to maintain a healthy scalp. This  bundle includes the following products:

Step 1:  ExfoliateThis product is an all-natural exfoliant that gives your scalp and face a deep clean. It contains natural abrasives that remove pore clogging dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. The perfect blend of all natural ingredients and plant extracts to safely and effectively clean,  exfoliate, moisturize, and balance the skin’s PH level. Excellent for daily use before  shaving or any time you want that fresh, clean feeling.

Step 2:  Cleanse - This daily scalp and face cleanser gently removes dirt, oil, and bacteria  hidden deep within the pores. Formulated with an all-natural blend of  moisturizing extracts that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and  refreshed. The blend of all-natural ingredients is powerful, yet gentle  enough for the most sensitive of skins. Can be used as a daily  cleanser as  well as a shave soap. 

Step 3:  Balance- Feel the cooling sensation as these proprietary blend ingredients work to help regulate sebum production by balancing your skin’s PH level. This step is crucial for getting a greasy and  shiny scalp under control. The best way to prevent excess sebum production is to balance the skin's PH level.

Step 4:  Protect- Our proprietary blend of natural botanicals and plant extracts help balance PH, preventing a shiny, greasy scalp. Our  moisturizing Balm is the crucial final step that helps “seal in” all of the prior steps, maximizing the benefits of the system.

Using these products in combination can help to maintain a clean, healthy scalp without over-drying or causing irritation. Additionally, the  natural ingredients in these products provide a number of benefits for the scalp. Coconut oil, for example, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce scalp irritation and dryness. Shea butter is a great moisturizer that can help to soothe dryness and reduce itching. Whether you're a seasoned  bald veteran or new to the game, taking care of your scalp is an important part of your daily routine.

To provide an extra layer of protection add step 5 Mountaineer Brand's  Detox Mask to your bald head care weekly routine. It can provide an extra boost of deep cleaning and exfoliation. This mask is formulated with activated  charcoal, kaolin clay, and other natural ingredients that work together to draw out impurities and leave your scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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