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How to Grow and Rock a Mutton Chops Beard Like a Total Boss

Do you want to look both striking and unique to both strangers and acquaintances alike? Are you the kind of man that's often described as an "old soul" or who has a quirky taste that blends the classic with the modern? Then mutton chops may be the look for you. 

Rising in prominence in the late 19th century by Union Army General Ambrose Burnside, the once rare look soon became a growing fad. Growing them takes both confidence and commitment. 

Read on to learn how to grow and groom a luscious mutton chops beard that will turn heads and elevate your look! 

Choose Your Style

Mutton chops are a form of facial hair under the umbrella of Imperial beards. All of these facial hairstyles lack hair growth on the chin and instead focus on the growth of the sideburns and mustache.

Mutton chop beard styles can vary in bushiness, length, and shape so that you can find a style that suits your face shape and lifestyle. You can tell the difference between regular sideburns and mutton chops easily. Sideburns are typically a thinner line of hair grown on the sides of the face that connects to a person's hairline.

Mutton chops, on the other hand, are grown out to the degree that they resemble a beard from the side. The difference is the lack of hair on the chin.  

Friendly Mutton Chops

This is the most common type of mutton chop style. They get their name because unlike standard mutton chops that don't connect, friendly mutton chops are connected by a mustache. This is a great style to choose if you're already used to having a mustache and just want more growth on either side of your face. 

Regular Mutton Chops

This is typically what most people think of when someone says "mutton chops." Much like thicker, grown out sideburns, your chin, mustache, and upper part of your cheeks are bare. 


Are friendly or regular mutton chops just not enough for you? Then you'll probably enjoy the Hulihee style. This version of mutton chops has a length that can easily surpass your jawline. They're also thicker than normal mutton chops. 


If you've ever read the Wolverine comic books or seen this movie, this style of mutton chop gets its inspiration from the iconic character. You'll have a look that looks just as tough and masculine with some extra hair at the bottom of your chain for the mutton chops to meet.

This look is especially great for men who have strong chins and want to help the face look more proportional. 

Let It Grow

No matter what style you'll choose, you'll first start by growing your beard out completely. Remember that mutton chops have a distinctive shape, and the easiest way to achieve this look is to grow out your beard so that it's full, dense, and ready to be shaped. 

If you want the friendly mutton chops look, you'll also want to grow out your mustache to the same degree. Patience is rewarded because the fuller your beard and mustache, the better your mutton chops will look.

You want to make sure that your beard is full on either side so that they're symmetrical. This will usually take up to four weeks. 

Sculpt the Chops

Once your beard is as full as it will get, it's time for mutton chop styling. You'll want these tools for the best shave: 

  • Beard trimmer with adjustable comb lengths
  • Shaving gel or cream 
  • Safety razor
  • Beard balm or oil

With your beard trimmer, trim your beard evenly to the length you desire. Remember that with the Hulihee you'll have longer chops than the other styles. Once your beard is trimmed, prep your skin before shaving by washing your face with warm water and applying shaving gel or cream to the areas that need to be shaved. 

The easiest way to start shaving is to shave a line on one side of your cheek where you want your sideburn to stop. If you have trouble maintaining a straight line afterward, feel free to use a shaping tool that will give you a guideline to follow. Keep a photo of your desired result close at hand. 


Last but not least is maintenance, but this is relatively easy with the right products on hand. Beard oil or balm will keep your hair healthy and improve its overall appearance day-to-day. Beard wash is also a great choice if you find your beard gets itchy often. 

A high-quality beard trimmer will help you maintain your beard easily without the need for a razor or scissors. Remember to give your beard a trim or a shave at least once a day to maintain the clean lines you've initially created.

The Timelessness of a Mutton Chops Beard

Now that you know what style of mutton chops beard suits you best and how to achieve it, we recommend you get started on growing your beard out. Mutton chops are a timeless, dramatic look that automatically makes people think of charisma and strength because of the confidence one needs to fully commit to these facial hairstyles.

You'll become more in touch with yourself and true to your own unique style once you fully commit to a facial style you don't see most men wearing every day.

Ready to start your facial hair journey and need high-quality products? Our handmade, 100% natural products help make the man. 

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Wondering How to Grow a Beard More Quickly? Try These 7 Tips

Are you learning how to grow a full beard? Maybe you're already in the process of doing so? 

In either case, there are some ways you can start to grow it quickly!

In this article, we will cover the stages of beard growth, and how beard care approaches can help improve your beard. 

Keep reading to learn how to grow a beard effectively.

The Stages of Beard Growth 

Before you start to work on beard maintenance and growth, it's important to understand the stages of beard growth and how they correlate to your overall ability to grow a full beard. Here are the different stages your beard will be in as it grows into a full beard.

Clean Shave

This phase might not apply to all, but in some cases, people recommend starting your new full beard with a clean shave. Regardless of what you choose, you should start to keep your skin clear and exfoliate regularly in the beard area.

Clean skin encourages hair growth, so use a cleanser and moisturizer as well to help make the skin healthier.


The stubble is a stage in which many men reside because of the appeal, but it's quite far from a beard. If you're going for a full beard, don't get sucked into the trap!

At this phase, you should exfoliate regularly, but think about using some sort of stubble cream to bring back moisture to the beard cuticles.


This is the early beard that might grow in phases and look odd. Not to mention, it might be itchy on some people! In that case, you should hydrate a lot every day with water and use a scruff cream on the beard itself. 

Do not shave or trim - let it grow as it will and you can continue moving forward.

Subtle Beard

The beard is finally coming through and the patches are beginning to fill as the length increases. If you've been moisturizing, the beard should look vibrant.

You can begin trimming and shaping the beard by yourself or with your local barber.

Moderate Beard

At this point, the beard has taken the shape that you have given it. You should consider a beard balm that helps protect and nourish the beard.

Depending on the density, it might be a bit early for that, but if you have a thick beard, it can handle it. 

The Full Beard

Now the beard is formed completely. People will compliment and speak upon its distinguished look. Nonetheless, the routine is still important!

Hydrate as much as possible. Use a comb and brush to help with cleaning, styling, and detangling the beard. Do this all while using comprehensive beard oil for health and growth.

Routine Beard Care

Beard growth is a natural process and the best beards often come from long true dedication.

You will be faced with overwhelming draughts and considerations, but if you leave your beard to grow, it shall! Here are some routine beard care products you should consider.

Beard Cream

This type of product is perfect for those with two or more week stubble and they should help with dryness or itchiness. It will also help your beard grow at a natural rate while making it look and smell great. 

Beard Balm and Medication

A beard balm with hydrocortisone will help in reducing inflammation, redness, and itchiness of your beard. Even routine beard care can't stop all of the flare-ups, but that shouldn't stop you from growing a full beard.

Beard Oil

For beards that are on the older side, you can use any type of beard oil that helps soften it and reduce any sort of itch. Also, don't forget about the moisturizing properties.

Beard Brush

A beard brush should be used in conjunction with all other products, as it helps in styling your beard while grooming it for a better look. 

You can also use it to apply cream or oil evenly across your beard when trying to detangle the tough knots on your beard hairs.

Seven Tips for Improved Beard Growth

And finally, as promised, the seven tips that will help you improve your beard growth.

1. Don't Trim Early

If you start to trim out your beard too early, you are losing out on the potential of the neckline, as that is the part of the beard that is responsible for the majority of the bulk and length.

2. Brush Real Well

If you forget to brush your beard, even at the earlier stages, you are missing out on the capabilities of improved blood flow, a cleaner beard, and stylized looks.

3. Oil More Than You Think

If you think you should oil just a little bit, that's wrong. You should oil up the beard whenever possible because they are known to dry out and that decreases their ability to grow.

4. Consider Supplementation

If you do some research upon supplementation and beard growth, you might see some correlation between minerals that increase your DHT and testosterone response.

Why is that important? You should know about this because those two transmitters are responsible for beard growth in the first place.

5. Sleep More

If you don't sleep enough, that's bad for a host of things in the body, but it's also bad for your beard. So, if you want a thicker beard, get the rest you need.

6. Exercise

Exercise improves circulation, activates DHT and testosterone, and makes your beard grow significantly better. If you're not exercising, your beard is not getting a boost of anything!

7. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a chemical solution to your beard problems with decades of research and proven effects on beard growth. However, it's not without downsides, so involve yourself deeply with research before choosing to use it.

How to Grow a Beard Simply

Now that you know how to grow a beard properly, you can finally start to reap the reward of actively waiting it out. It takes time, but it's worth it in the end to get the looked you've been wanting for years!  

If you're interested in checking out our beard growth products, go through our catalog and see what we have to offer.

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