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Mastering Mealtime: A Guide to Eating with a Long Beard and Mustache

Eating with a beard

Eric Young |

Hey guys, It's Eric, Mountaineer Brand founder here. As the CEO of a men's grooming company, I understand the challenges that come with maintaining a long beard and mustache. One common concern is how to enjoy a meal without ending up in a tangled mess. In this blog post, I'll share some expert tips on how to eat gracefully while rocking a distinguished facial mane.
  1. Preparation is Key: Before you dig in, take a moment to prepare. Gently pull your mustache hair away from your mouth to create a clear path for your food. This simple step can prevent unwanted mishaps.

  2. Mindful Bite-Sized Portions: For larger, messier items like burgers, consider cutting them into manageable, bite-sized pieces. This not only makes the meal more manageable but also reduces the chances of any wayward sauce or topping finding its way into your beard.

  3. Utilize Utensils: Embrace the power of utensils. A fork and knife can be your best friends when it comes to avoiding messes. For instance, when faced with a hefty sandwich, use your utensils to maintain control and precision.

  4. Foods to Approach with Caution: Certain foods are notorious for causing beard disasters. Tread lightly with items like ice cream cones, soups, and particularly saucy dishes. When indulging in these treats, consider using a spoon or opting for a less messy alternative.

  5. Embrace Napkins: Always have a trusty napkin on hand. Dabbing your mouth throughout the meal can help catch any stray crumbs or drips before they become a beard-related issue.

  6. Straws Are Your Friends: When sipping on beverages, consider using a straw. It's a simple yet effective way to enjoy your drink without worrying about any liquid finding its way into your facial hair.

  7. Post-Meal Grooming Routine: After your meal, take a moment to check for any lingering crumbs or residue. A quick comb-through or wipe-down with a beard-specific wipe can help ensure you leave the table looking as sharp as when you arrived.

Conclusion: Eating with a long beard and mustache doesn't have to be a messy affair. With a bit of preparation, thoughtful techniques, and the right tools, you can enjoy any meal with confidence and style. Remember, it's all part of the journey of maintaining a distinguished facial mane. 

Eric Young Founder, Mountaineer Brand


I have had a beard since 1976 (yes i am old 88 on 24 Oct 2024) it is now white, and very Santa suitable, I discovered your products along the way, now living in Raleigh NC, a displaced Yankee enjoying the
southern hospitality.
I found a good barber to trim it every two weeks.
Many Thanks Al Pasquale USMC 1954-1962

Alfred (AL) Pasquale,

Very helpful! Thanks!

Jeff Mann,

Greetings, Eric Young!

Pleased to meet you and the chance to discover your Mountaineer Brand company! I’ve been searching for beard products that don’t feel heavy, burn my lips, smell fairy pretty, or feel like a face helmet! Mountaineer Brand was one of my very first tries! And I’m still using it regularly! But, I’ve tried so many others – I have a boot box full of product from around the country that I keep only to remind me – Nope, don’t use it or buy it!!!

I really dig this article on eating – you nailed it all the way around! I wished I’d read your article before my first meal with my long mustache and beard… My only add is to recognize the sensation of flossing my front teeth with one or more of my mustache hairs – the instant of interruption from all eating activity – an image not to see – simply to preserve the hair! Don’t pull it, break it, or eat it … that precious mustache resident!!! Recovery is NOT an attractive or manly effort…

I grew up with what I describe as a summer beard. You remember – Some’r here and some’r there! I tried many, many, many times – to no avail… I did this well into my 50’s – with just a simple short 3/8" to 1/2" long summer beard and ‘stache! In my late 50’s, I started just letting it grow. At 66, I now have a full, super-straight, mostly silver beard! About freak’in time!!!

I dig working with my beard – experimenting with washes, oils, and balms – even collecting varieties of products! But, Eric Young’s Mountaineer Brand is my go-to for everyday use! Keep up the awesome work, my new friend!

Thank you, very much!

Peace and blessings,

- Eric Putt
San Diego, California (and everywhere else too)

Eric Putt,

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