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Love YourSelfie


Everyone is familiar with the term “selfie”. This slang definitely shortens the drawn out version of “using the front facing camera on my cellphone to take a picture of myself”.

Today’s society is taking more and more selfies, no matter what the occasion may be. Out with friends, family gatherings, reunions... or maybe to show off the flattering fit of a new outfit. While some people may frown upon the practice and consider it an act of self-adoration, we feel the exact opposite.

What’s wrong with some self love? Embracing the image your were given is something to be treasured. Far too many of us forget to take some time to love ourselves; to look in the mirror and pick out something we like about our appearance. Yes, the person on the inside is what matters most, but that inner person can shed some flattering light onto the outside.

Maybe your energetic personality widens your smile a little more. Perhaps your soft heart makes your eyes more gentle and kind. Or maybe your sense of humor brings out the dimples in your cheeks each time you laugh. There are so many things about the inner you that shine light upon the outer you.

We want to know what it is you love about yourself. Take a second to think about it. What unique characteristic makes you who you are?

This might be a little strange, especially for a blog post, but we are asking that you to drop your selfie along with a few sentences telling us something you love about yourself and why. Your smile? Eyes? Hair? Beard? Whatever it may be, embrace it- and always remember to take some time to love yourself on occasion!

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Playoff Beards

Tonight kicks off the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Loyal fans of the participating teams will begin practicing traditions and performing rituals in hopes of bringing their men to victory. One of these traditions includes ditching the razor and growing what is known as the, "playoff beard".

The playoff beard was introduced in the 1980's by NHL teams competing for the Stanley Cup. On the opening day of the first round series, players began growing out their beards and continued to do so until they faced elimination or tasted sweet victory. This practice became a fast growing tradition in which fans began to participate. In 2009, the NHL launched a campaign called the “Beard-a-Thon,” which encouraged fans to let their beards grow for charity.  Even after all these years, that tradition still stands. In fact, it’s pretty much a given to grow a playoff beard if your team is competing for the Stanley Cup. Over the weeks to come, the faces of hockey fans will be naked no more.

This growing tradition (haha, get it?) isn’t something that is practiced only by hockey players and their fans. Players and supporters of teams in the NFL and MLB now participate at playoff time. We don’t blame them… we’re firm believers that beards bring luck, too :)

If you are an NHL superfan and wish to follow each game, you can see the schedule here. For those that like to keep track of each series and eliminations, click here for a printable bracket.

We hope you enjoy following the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. May your team play hard and your beard grow long!

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Pucker Up!

For those that don't know, Granny Vicars isn't a name that was crafted by a creative spark in our minds. She was an actual person, and our great grandmother. She was an Appalachian medicine woman from Roane County in our home state of West Virginia. In true Mountaineer spirit, granny lived a simple life with no plumbing or running water. She cared for her family with the gifts mother nature offered, and that was all she needed to do so. 
Meredith, Chief Operating Officer and the brains behind many projects here at Mountaineer Brand, was inspired by the history behind our granny and suggested we create our family care product line in her honor. It was a brilliant idea and such a great way to bring recognition to our family roots, so we made it happen. 
In 2014, the first Granny Vicars' products were created. Lip balm and hand salve were the precursors to what is now a complete line of products for 100% natural family care. It has certainly grown quickly, and we are very grateful for the support that made it's growth possible. 
Now that you have a brief history of Granny Vicars, we have some exciting news. In our Family Care Collection is a combo pack with three delectable flavors of lip balm- spearmint, peppermint, and our personal favorite, licorice. This trio is becoming a quartet with the scrumptious addition of cherry, and we promise, you'll love it. 
We will soon be removing the original three pack from the website, but we think it should go out with a bang. While supplies last, it's all yours for only $10.95. Being that a single lip balm retails for $5.00, this is quite a deal. To get this special bargain, simply enter code BUY23 at checkout. You can click here to go directly to the product link. 
Pucker up, folks. Granny's deal won't last long!
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5 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Outdoors

Life is busy. Really busy. After a long day at work, there's nothing more inviting than your comfy couch and favorite sweatpants (trust me, we get it). As tempting as it may be to dive into your relaxing routine, science proves that it is actually more beneficial (and even more relaxing) to spend some time with mother nature. It may sound like a chore, but there are many reasons why you should give it a shot and make it a part of your daily routine. Plus, we're pretty confident you'll come to enjoy it! Here are some of our favorite reasons to lace up your shoes and get outside.

Improve Your Mental Health

Everyone needs a good change of scenery. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, getting out and experiencing the beauty of nature is proven to improve your overall mental well being. Just a simple breath of fresh air can reduce the symptoms of depression, lessen perceived stress, and increase positive emotions. We can all spare 10 minutes of our time to improve the way we feel--physically and emotionally.

Strengthen Attention Span

A study was conducted on two groups of children diagnosed with ADHD. One group played inside, the other outside. The conclusion was that the children who spent time outdoors showed a significantly less amount of symptoms associated with ADHD. As some of us know, children are not the only ones that experience attention disorders. The Journal of Experimental Psychology says that regular walking outdoors increases your level of productivity and creative thinking. So, gather the family and go to the park or play a game of catch in the backyard. This will be beneficial for everyone!

Sleep More Soundly

Ahh, this is something we all need! Mark Rea, director of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute says that a morning walk around the same time each day will help you maintain a more consistent circadian rhythm. Consistency is very important here. Your body will recognize your routine, giving your brain a clear signal that it’s day time.

Become More Optimistic

It's fair to say that for most people, visually appealing things give us a sense of happiness in some way or another. How about a more positive outlook on life? Three scientists from VU University in Amsterdam conducted a study that concluded exposure to natural landscapes made people more optimistic. Grab a fishing pole and a cooler and head to the lake for more positive vibes in your life.

Be More Generous and Kind

Friendly people are so much more pleasant to have around. Kindness and generosity go a long way when it comes to developing stable, trusting relationships with people. A series of experiments conducted in 2014 found that exposure to nature increased positive emotions that led to pro-social behaviors. These people seemed to be more generous, trusting, and have a more pronounced willingness to lend a helping hand.

Look at all those benefits that a little fresh air will provide! Daily life can be quite stressful, so take a little bit of time to relieve the tension in your life, even if it's just 10 minutes per day. We're going to practice what we preach and do the same. So, what do you say? Let's do this together!



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A Mountaineer Family in Utah- Guest Blog by Anguie Merritt


So, let's talk about Mountaineer Brand products. I came across them on Instagram. What stood out about them to me was the variety of choices in beard care product scents and the different number of products they make.

From oils to balms, even beard wash! I knew that was what I wanted, not to mention the pricing was great for me. I started buying simple things, like the comb and Original Magic Beard Balm. They were a huge success with my husband.

Later, I ended up winning a giveaway. They sent me so many products that I didn't even know they had! I was super excited because I want the best for my family. I also support small businesses, so this is a win win!

I have been using the products they sent me. On my Instagram I post my favorite products from shops I've found on that network. Since Mountaineer Brand is a family favorite, I’m always sure that I promote the products that my family uses daily.

I used the diaper balm and WOW! Compared to other brands found in stores, this stuff is the winner. Not only is the container convenient, the scent is amazing. With one use it helped my son's rash. Then I tried all of their lip balms. Thumbs up on those! Next was the Sore Muscle Rub. I go to the gym, so this stuff is great when I'm feeling that post-workout soreness. 

Now, my husband absolutely loves the beard wash. It has improved the overall appearance of his beard. It doesn't look unruly and grizzly anymore. It looks (and feels) softer. A more polished look I guess you could say. His favorite beard balms are the Timber and Pine Tar scents. For work he uses the Heavy Duty balm along with the oils. He likes both the comb and brush. They have become part of his daily routine.

I can keep going on about how impressed I am with this company, but in short summary I suggest giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed. The customer service is great. They actually care for their customers and make a genuine attempt at getting to know them. I plan to continue to buy from them and support them in anyway I can! I hope you get a chance to try their products. They have something for everyone!

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