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Don't Sweat It!

Is your noggin grossly glistening in sweat this summer, making you stand out and shine, but not in a good way? You’re not alone. In fact, the likelihood that anyone with a bald head doesn’t suffer in the shine department is VERY slim. So, what’s the science behind this madness? 

Why Do I Sweat More Now That I’m Bald?

Long story short - You’re not really sweating MORE. It just doesn’t take AS long to break a sweat. 

Here’s the lengthier version-

When you shave your head, your scalp is exposed to heat with no protection (aside from sunscreen, right?). The hair that once adorned your head is no longer there to protect you from the hot sun, so it will raise your body temperature more quickly, which will inevitably make you sweat. 

Another factor is lack of absorption. Yeah, your hair had that job, too. Think of it like a less effective sweatband. It’s there to soak up your sweat; preventing it from beading up and dripping down your face. The reality here is that your hair has packed up and went on a permanent vacation, so it’s time to work with what you’ve got. 

Below are some helpful tips to better embrace the bald and look like a boss while you do it.

Drink More Water

Staying cool will keep you hydrated and cool your body, resulting in less sweat. Stay thirsty, my friends… for water. Alcohol and heat are a recipe for dehydration. 

Wear Breathable Head Gear

You may be a ballcap fanatic, but if you don’t find one made from the right material, you’ll end up with a pool of sweat and a stinky hat. 

Polyester is a great choice. It’s durable, breathable and has moisture wicking properties. You’ll stay cool, dry and fly. 

Another good choice is Nylon. It’s a thin, breathable material that’s shrink resistant and requires low maintenance care. 


It’s essential to remove dirt and bacteria from the pores on your head. Exfoliating gets the job done, and this deep cleansing remedy aides in preventing a huge mess of oil production. 

Wash With All-Natural Cleanser 

An all-natural cleansing product is essential when it comes to avoiding a shiny noggin. Most commercial brand soaps contain ingredients that will dry your scalp, causing an overkill production of sebum. Mountaineer Brand Cleanse is the perfect, multipurpose solution to keeping your scalp and face clean and moisturized. This product also makes a great shave soap. 

Balance pH 

We have also formulated a great product to reduce sebum and shine by keeping your skin’s pH perfectly balanced. Our proprietary blend of essential oils and plants extracts will leave your head feeling cool and refreshed. 


It may seem counterintuitive to slather moisturizer on skin that feels slick and greasy, but skipping this step will only worsen the present issue. If you seek a product that gets the job done without a lingering shine, consider our Moisturizing Balm


To seal the deal, we added a detoxifying mask that’s custom made for bald heads. Made with 2 simple, natural ingredients, this mask will assist in regulating sebum production while it deep cleans and shrinks your pores. 

Now you can take a sigh of relief knowing that there is a solution to your sweaty shine. All of the tools are just a click away, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop sweating the small stuff. 

Check out our Bald Head Care Collection to start shopping! 

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Let’s talk about hand hygiene. 

Aside from the fact that this is a current hot topic, proper hand hygiene is crucial at all times. If you read our last blog on this topic, we discussed the steps for proper hand washing with soap and water. Since these sources aren’t always readily available, hand sanitizer is the next best option. 

But what’s the difference? 

According to the CDC, soap and water are more effective when it comes to killing certain types of germs, like norovirus (stomach bug) and C. Diff (a very violent stomach bug). Aside from the difference in effectiveness, hand sanitizer isn’t always used properly. 

If your hands are especially greasy or dirty, alcohol based sanitizers may not get the job done because they can’t penetrate, break apart, and remove the grime like soap and water. The process is also fairly specific if you want maximum effectiveness. It’s essential to cover all surfaces of the hands and rub them together until they are completely dry. If done correctly, hand sanitizers provide a similar enough effectiveness to using soap and water. 

So, if the essential soap and water aren’t readily available, be sure to have some alcohol based hand sanitizer on hand… preferably both. See what we did there? 

Now, let’s talk about Mountaineer Brand Hand Sanitizer… 

We are all about all-natural products and fully encourage using them, but we also felt the need to step up and assist the community during a time of need. COVID-19 has caused a shortage of hand sanitizer across the globe, so we decided to make one that meets FDA requirements. Check out the details: 

  • INGREDIENTS: 80% Ethanol Alcohol, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Water
  • Antiseptic formula 
  • 80% Ethanol Alcohol
  • FDA recommended formula for effective use

We have chosen to meet these requirements for maximum effectiveness in order to keep you and your family safe during these difficult times. While it may not be our typical product formulated with the all-natural ingredients you’ve come to love, it’s a necessary addition to our product line. You’ll find that it’s very reasonably priced, so go ahead and grab one for your office, job site, bag, or vehicle. Just remember, if you have soap and water as an option, we suggest using that first! 

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Wondering How to Grow a Beard More Quickly? Try These 7 Tips

Are you learning how to grow a full beard? Maybe you're already in the process of doing so? 

In either case, there are some ways you can start to grow it quickly!

In this article, we will cover the stages of beard growth, and how beard care approaches can help improve your beard. 

Keep reading to learn how to grow a beard effectively.

The Stages of Beard Growth 

Before you start to work on beard maintenance and growth, it's important to understand the stages of beard growth and how they correlate to your overall ability to grow a full beard. Here are the different stages your beard will be in as it grows into a full beard.

Clean Shave

This phase might not apply to all, but in some cases, people recommend starting your new full beard with a clean shave. Regardless of what you choose, you should start to keep your skin clear and exfoliate regularly in the beard area.

Clean skin encourages hair growth, so use a cleanser and moisturizer as well to help make the skin healthier.


The stubble is a stage in which many men reside because of the appeal, but it's quite far from a beard. If you're going for a full beard, don't get sucked into the trap!

At this phase, you should exfoliate regularly, but think about using some sort of stubble cream to bring back moisture to the beard cuticles.


This is the early beard that might grow in phases and look odd. Not to mention, it might be itchy on some people! In that case, you should hydrate a lot every day with water and use a scruff cream on the beard itself. 

Do not shave or trim - let it grow as it will and you can continue moving forward.

Subtle Beard

The beard is finally coming through and the patches are beginning to fill as the length increases. If you've been moisturizing, the beard should look vibrant.

You can begin trimming and shaping the beard by yourself or with your local barber.

Moderate Beard

At this point, the beard has taken the shape that you have given it. You should consider a beard balm that helps protect and nourish the beard.

Depending on the density, it might be a bit early for that, but if you have a thick beard, it can handle it. 

The Full Beard

Now the beard is formed completely. People will compliment and speak upon its distinguished look. Nonetheless, the routine is still important!

Hydrate as much as possible. Use a comb and brush to help with cleaning, styling, and detangling the beard. Do this all while using comprehensive beard oil for health and growth.

Routine Beard Care

Beard growth is a natural process and the best beards often come from long true dedication.

You will be faced with overwhelming draughts and considerations, but if you leave your beard to grow, it shall! Here are some routine beard care products you should consider.

Beard Cream

This type of product is perfect for those with two or more week stubble and they should help with dryness or itchiness. It will also help your beard grow at a natural rate while making it look and smell great. 

Beard Balm and Medication

A beard balm with hydrocortisone will help in reducing inflammation, redness, and itchiness of your beard. Even routine beard care can't stop all of the flare-ups, but that shouldn't stop you from growing a full beard.

Beard Oil

For beards that are on the older side, you can use any type of beard oil that helps soften it and reduce any sort of itch. Also, don't forget about the moisturizing properties.

Beard Brush

A beard brush should be used in conjunction with all other products, as it helps in styling your beard while grooming it for a better look. 

You can also use it to apply cream or oil evenly across your beard when trying to detangle the tough knots on your beard hairs.

Seven Tips for Improved Beard Growth

And finally, as promised, the seven tips that will help you improve your beard growth.

1. Don't Trim Early

If you start to trim out your beard too early, you are losing out on the potential of the neckline, as that is the part of the beard that is responsible for the majority of the bulk and length.

2. Brush Real Well

If you forget to brush your beard, even at the earlier stages, you are missing out on the capabilities of improved blood flow, a cleaner beard, and stylized looks.

3. Oil More Than You Think

If you think you should oil just a little bit, that's wrong. You should oil up the beard whenever possible because they are known to dry out and that decreases their ability to grow.

4. Consider Supplementation

If you do some research upon supplementation and beard growth, you might see some correlation between minerals that increase your DHT and testosterone response.

Why is that important? You should know about this because those two transmitters are responsible for beard growth in the first place.

5. Sleep More

If you don't sleep enough, that's bad for a host of things in the body, but it's also bad for your beard. So, if you want a thicker beard, get the rest you need.

6. Exercise

Exercise improves circulation, activates DHT and testosterone, and makes your beard grow significantly better. If you're not exercising, your beard is not getting a boost of anything!

7. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a chemical solution to your beard problems with decades of research and proven effects on beard growth. However, it's not without downsides, so involve yourself deeply with research before choosing to use it.

How to Grow a Beard Simply

Now that you know how to grow a beard properly, you can finally start to reap the reward of actively waiting it out. It takes time, but it's worth it in the end to get the looked you've been wanting for years!  

If you're interested in checking out our beard growth products, go through our catalog and see what we have to offer.

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A Beginner's Guide to Serious Shaving - Part 2

Thanks for checking back with us to look at A Beginner’s Guide to Serious Shaving - Part 2. This is the part that seals the deal to a serious shave routine. 

If you missed Part 1, we discussed pre-shave oil and the benefits it provides the skin, then dove into the process of how to use it properly. There’s a lot of really good information in there, so it’s definitely worth a quick read! If you’re a returning reader, let’s get started... 

The After Shave Process 

Ever get a tight feeling in your skin after you’ve just finished shaving? It feels a bit like sunburn? That’s what we all call razor burn. For some it may only last a few minutes, but others may experience visible redness and skin irritation for hours or days. No matter how long it lasts, it’s not a fun experience. It’s not a necessary experience, either. So what’s the answer? An all-natural post shave balm, of course. 

Again, when trying any new product, it’s important to research your skin type and product ingredients before you make your purchase, and always test the product on a small area of skin before applying it to your entire face. 

An all-natural post shave balm has tons of benefits for your skin:

  • Cools and hydrates skin 
  • Acts as a protective barrier in areas that may have been nicked during shaving, allowing them to heal more quickly
  • No stinging sensation like most aftershave products 
  • Alleviates common skin irritation caused by shaving 
  • Reduces bacteria that live on the skin 

It’s also very easy to use. After shaving, rinse your face and pat dry, then massage the balm into your skin in small, upward circles until it is fully absorbed. You will notice your face feeling clean, smooth, well moisturized, and NOT irritated. The soothing sensation these balms provide is what you want if you’re getting that tight, burning sensation after shaving. It’s officially time to say goodbye to razor burn when post shave balm comes into the routine. 

That wraps up our two part shaving series for those looking to get serious with their shave. Luckily, the shaving world has lots of great products to offer those looking to add some extra (but highly recommended and very beneficial) steps to their routine. There’s no shame in self care, folks. 

If you’re on the hunt for some new shaving products, be sure to check out our Shave Collection to see what we have to offer! 

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A Beginner's Guide to Serious Shaving - Part One

Folks who take their grooming game seriously know that an established routine with a line of quality products is essential, whether bearded or unbearded. Serious grooming isn’t a “one and done” product kind of deal. If you’re looking to step up your game, you should take the time to do some research, especially when it comes to shaving. 

First and foremost, figure out your skin type. This will help to avoid any sort of irritation or allergic reaction that can be caused by using a product you’re not familiar with. Then research brands and choose wisely. Products made with synthetic ingredients are far more likely to cause issues with your skin, and since this is your face we’re talking about, it’s likely something you want to avoid. 

Step one in proper shaving is the use of a good pre-shave oil. Now it may seem like an unnecessary step, but there are actually a great deal of benefits:

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Hydrates skin 
  • Prevents razor burn 
  • Allows razor to glide smoothly across the skin
  • Results in a closer shave
  • Generally safe for the skin 
  • Better protects the skin when using a double-edge safety razor

So now you know it’s a great addition to your shaving routine, but you might be wondering when and how to use it. People have different ways of using pre-shave oil, but we find that the following steps bring the best results: 

  1. Take a hot shower or wash face with warm water to open up pores
  2. Gently pat your face to dry, but try to keep the skin slightly damp to add moisture
  3. Apply pre-shave oil 
  4. Apply shaving soap or cream 
  5. Enjoy a close, smooth shave 

It really is that easy, and while it may be an extra step, it won’t take long and will be well worth the extra couple of minutes. All good things (like soft, smooth skin and the best shave of your life) require work, so if you’re looking to level up your shave game, this is a great start. 

 Stay tuned for Part 2 of Beginners Guide to Serious Shaving where we tell you what to do AFTER you shave. 

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