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Soap is Soap

COVID-19 is taking over the news, internet, and communities across the globe. Times of uncertainty can cause mass panic, prompting people to buy in bulk. The struggle is all too real when it comes to finding basic essentials needed for everyday life. Toilet paper, hand soap, sanitizing wipes, disinfectant sprays and more are wiped from shelves as soon as they are restocked, causing many families to go without. We can’t help much in the toilet paper and Lysol departments, but we have plenty of soap on our shelves during these trying times. 

A great deal of shoppers are seeking hand soap, specifically one with the word “antibacterial” slapped on the label. There are a few issues here… 

  1. It’s almost impossible to find right now 
  2. These soaps haven’t been proven safe for long term use by the FDA
  3. The ingredients in antibacterial soaps are not proven to be any more effective than washing with plain soap and water

Another thing to take into consideration is that COVID-19 is a virus, and antibacterial products are NOT antiviral. Washing with any plain, lathering soap gets the job done if your method is on point. Below we have listed the 5 steps to proper hand washing according to the CDC:

  1. Wet hands with clean, running water. Turn off tap, and apply soap.
  2. Lather the soap between the palms and fingers, back of hands, and under fingernails.
  3. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. A good way to time yourself is to sing “Happy Birthday” in your head twice from start to finish. 
  4. Rinse hands well under clean, running water. 
  5. Use a clean towel to dry hands or allow them to air dry. 

Now, how often should you wash your hands? The CDC recommends washing them often, especially during this global pandemic. Key times to lather up are:

  • Before, during and after food preparation
  • Before eating 
  • Before and after caring for someone who is sick 
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • After changing diapers 
  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing nose 
  • After touching and caring for animals 
  • After handling pet foods
  • After touching garbage 
  • After you have been in a public place 
  • Before touching eyes, nose or mouth 

Now that you know when and how to wash your hands, let’s dive into what we have to offer. Keep in mind that the type of soap you are using to clean your hands isn’t important; it’s all about how you use it. Soap is soap if your method is dope! 

Mountaineer Brand Soaps:

  • Classic Beard Wash - 5 Scent Variations 
  • Premium Beard Wash - Original Blend
  • Premium Beard Wash - Essential 7  
  • Chaga Shampoo Bar
  • Body Wash - 5 Scent Variations  


    Whatever you choose to wash your hands with, make sure you’re doing it often and efficiently. We want to keep you, your loved ones, and community healthy, so practice proper hand hygiene and stay well! 

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When and How to Wash Your Hands, April 2, 2020.

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    Bald Head Care 101 - Properly Caring For and Embracing the BALD

    Remember we told you that new and exciting things are on the way? Well, this is one of them! We will soon be releasing an entire line of all-natural products designed specifically for the bald men of the world. 

    This Complete System holds all of the ingredients you need to keep your skin smooth, balanced, healthy and shine-free. 

    We know, this seems like it could be pretty time consuming, and the photo may look a bit intimidating, but you are worth the time spent caring for yourself. In this article we will take an in-depth look at each product; how to use them, the benefits, and of course, the order in which they should be used. The goal here is to give you some confidence about your dome and allow you to EMBRACE THE BALD! 

    Step 1: Exfoliate

    Exfoliating isn’t just for your face, it’s for your whole body. Anywhere you have skin, you should exfoliate. Why? 

    Exfoliating removes dirt, oil and dead skin. You know, all those nasty things that clog your pores. This deep clean will balance your skin’s natural pH, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. 

    How to Use It 

    Shake well. Pump the product into the palm of your hand and apply to a wet head and face.Work into the head and face and gently rub into the skin. Rinse thoroughly. This product is gentle enough for daily use. 


    Step 2: Cleanse 

    Now that all the gunk is gone, it’s time to suds up with Step 2: Cleanse. This vital step not only cleanses your skin, but also keeps it moisturized. We can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain the natural pH balance of your skin. 

    This can be used as both a wash and a shave soap, so prepare for the CLEANEST shave of your life… Get it? 

    How to Use It 

    Shake well. Pump the product into the palm of your hand and apply to a wet head and face.Work into the head and face and gently rub into the skin. Rinse thoroughly. To use as a shave soap, wet the area to be shaved, pump the product into the palm of your hand, and rub onto skin just like you would shave soap or shaving cream. Shave and rinse.

    Step 3: Balance 

    Bald heads are sometimes a shiny eye sore. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true. Step 3 removes that issue for good. 

    The proprietary blend of all natural ingredients is the last step in your cleaning process, and the hidden key to keeping that greasy shine at bay. Once again, it gets the job done by preserving your skin's natural pH balance. Plus, it gives a cooling and refreshing sensation that will get you ready to take on the day. 

    How to Use It 

    Shake well. Squeeze product onto a cotton round or cotton ball. Thoroughly work into the skin on your head and face. Let air dry. DO NOT RINSE.

    Step 4: Protect 

    Protect your skin from the elements of nature while keeping it moisturized and hydrated all day long. 

    While a lot of moisturizers have a tendency to leave both a greasy look and feel, ours is light and leaves your dome shine free. 

    How to Use It 

    Remove a small amount of balm and rub into the palms of your hands to liquify. Apply to your head and face and thoroughly work into skin.


    Seal the deal with our Detox Mask made of bentonite clay and charcoal. With a cleanse so deep you can feel it pulsate, this product helps regulate sebum production while it unclogs and shrinks skin pores and improves overall skin tone. 

    How to Use It 

    Using a non metal bowl and utensil, mix equal parts Detox Mask powder with raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar or water. Stir to a smooth consistency and apply to the desired area. Wait up to 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse.

    If you’re looking to step up the game and truly embrace the bald, our Bald Head Care Bundle is for you! It has all of the essentials you need to properly care for your bald head and look great while you’re at it. 

    Each of these new products also has a subscribe and save option, so make sure you look into that while you’re shopping around the site. 

    Bald has never been more beautiful, gentlemen. Now is your time to shine! Well, not in a greasy way. 

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    10 Essential Habits of the Well Groomed Man

    Are you on a quest to find out the secrets of a well groomed man?

    You see them everywhere: at the gym, in the office, out on the town.

    But how do you become one?

    Men's grooming isn't as difficult or mysterious as it seems. A few key steps added to your routine can help you up your game and come across as a confident, well groomed man.

    Here are 10 habits of well-groomed men to help you.

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    Q&A With Mr. Mountaineer


    Mr. Mountaineer and some of our crew are heading out to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to set up shop at the Arnold Sports Festival. This annual, multi-sport event consists of professional body building, strongman, fitness, physique and more. Athletes from all over the world compete each year, showcasing their hard work and dedication in hopes of bringing home a champion title (and a whole lot of money). 

    Since we don’t really know much about this event, we turned to Mr. Mountaineer to learn more. Check out the interview below! 

    K: Mountaineer Brand and Mountaineer Brand RX will be vendors at the Arnold Classic this year. What made you decide that this event would be a good place to set up shop? 

    Mr. M: A lot of people go to this event each year. I figured it was a good way to debut our new product line for bald heads and let people know about our brand in general. It’s also a good opportunity to let people know about Mountaineer Brand RX, our CBD product line. People are more careful about what they’re putting into their bodies these days, and since we’re an all-natural company, this is a good opportunity to showcase what we have to offer. 

    K: I agree, it is definitely a great opportunity to show a lot of folks the goodness of the brand,   but what about this event interests you as a person? 

    Mr. M: I’ve always liked bodybuilding. That’s the part that interests me the most. It takes a lot of dedication to pursue something like that. It’s pretty cool to see the work these people put into the sport. 

    K: Speaking of the dedication it takes to pursue this sport, I know you put a lot of work into your own personal health and wellness. Do you have any tips that you would like to offer to your readers? 

    Mr. M: Just know what you’re putting into your body. That’s important. Keep a clean diet and use all-natural products. Exercise on a regular basis, and make sure you’re getting plenty of rest so your body can recover. 

    K: Those are great tips! Now, let’s talk about beards and bodybuilding. I’ve heard that beards are discouraged in bodybuilding competitions because they can hide certain areas of the upper body. Do you think bearded men that wish to compete should shave it off or tuck it under?

    Mr. M: Tuck it under for sure. It doesn’t need to be shaved off. My beard hangs down past my belly button. I have ways of styling it so it’s close to my face and you’d never be able to tell how long it really is. But definitely tuck it up so that the upper body work can be seen. 

    K: Good to know that the beard can stay! Okay, last question… which competition is your favorite? 

    Mr. M: IFBB Pro-League. That’s the big bodybuilding event, the one that’s always been the most interesting to me. It’s pretty cool to watch people’s hard work pay off. We just look forward to being there and meeting new people. I think it’ll be a really good experience for our team.

    We certainly hope that our team enjoys every aspect of this experience, and we hope that this interview was something that you, our readers, have enjoyed. If you’re one of the lucky folks heading out to this upcoming event, be sure to stop by and say hello and check out the new product line, only available for purchase at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend! 

    If you can’t make it out, don’t worry… everything will be available for purchase online soon. Lots of awesome changes are coming your way, so be sure to stay tuned and take the journey with us. 


    NEW EDIT: This event is no longer open for spectators and vendors due to public health concern, but we truly hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully you found some useful information, too! 

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    7 Awesome Beard Care Tips To Keep Your Facial Hair Majestic

    7 Awesome Beard Care Tips To Keep Your Facial Hair Majestic

    1. Keep It Clean
    2. Keep It Protected 
    3. Keep Hands Off
    4. Keep It Groomed 
    5. Keep It in Shape 
    6. Keep It Nourished 
    7. Keep It Spoiled
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