A Mountaineer Family in Utah- Guest Blog by Anguie Merritt


So, let's talk about Mountaineer Brand products. I came across them on Instagram. What stood out about them to me was the variety of choices in beard care product scents and the different number of products they make.

From oils to balms, even beard wash! I knew that was what I wanted, not to mention the pricing was great for me. I started buying simple things, like the comb and Original Magic Beard Balm. They were a huge success with my husband.

Later, I ended up winning a giveaway. They sent me so many products that I didn't even know they had! I was super excited because I want the best for my family. I also support small businesses, so this is a win win!

I have been using the products they sent me. On my Instagram I post my favorite products from shops I've found on that network. Since Mountaineer Brand is a family favorite, I’m always sure that I promote the products that my family uses daily.

I used the diaper balm and WOW! Compared to other brands found in stores, this stuff is the winner. Not only is the container convenient, the scent is amazing. With one use it helped my son's rash. Then I tried all of their lip balms. Thumbs up on those! Next was the Sore Muscle Rub. I go to the gym, so this stuff is great when I'm feeling that post-workout soreness. 

Now, my husband absolutely loves the beard wash. It has improved the overall appearance of his beard. It doesn't look unruly and grizzly anymore. It looks (and feels) softer. A more polished look I guess you could say. His favorite beard balms are the Timber and Pine Tar scents. For work he uses the Heavy Duty balm along with the oils. He likes both the comb and brush. They have become part of his daily routine.

I can keep going on about how impressed I am with this company, but in short summary I suggest giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed. The customer service is great. They actually care for their customers and make a genuine attempt at getting to know them. I plan to continue to buy from them and support them in anyway I can! I hope you get a chance to try their products. They have something for everyone!

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Stubble Guide

Women are always called high maintenance, and most are. However, a man's face requires a great deal of work as well, regardless of the look he's going for. One of these looks is "stubble". 
Growing in popularity, stubble is a look seen on many faces in Hollywood and men's fashion models world wide. It may seem like the easy way out, but that's simply not the case. Stubble requires work, too. If this is the look you want to pursue, we've provided some helpful hints to get you through. 
First thing you want to do is let your facial hair grow free for a week. This is really important, so don't give in! You need an idea of your growth pattern and speed. This will ultimately help you decide if stubble style is for you. If it just doesn't seem to fit, fear not. You can always grow out your beard :)
If you make the choice to go with this look, you must commit. This will require frequent grooming, just like shaving or maintaining a beard. You will find yourself needing to do a trim a few times a week. 
Now, trimming rules. After your week of growing, pull out the clippers, but don't go too crazy too quickly. Shorten in increments... this way you will see what length looks best on you. And while we're on the subject of trimming, let's talk about the neckline. 
You need to decide if your neckline will be kept clean or stay rugged. If you choose to go the rugged route, you've got to be sure to blend and fade the neckline. Otherwise, you may as well just grow a beard. A hairy neck without a beard is not so appealing. 
You can still care for your stubble with products! Your skin needs to be healthy, regardless of the length of your facial hair. Our Pine Tar wash and balm are extremely helpful with the itch that comes along with this look. 
As you can see, this look requires maintenance, just like anything else you decide to do with your face. That's just reality. Good grooming is a part of daily life. No matter the choice you make, Mountaineer Brand has something for all faces. 
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Behind the Scenes

Running a business is a TON of work. To be honest, even I'm not sure exactly what it entails, however, I do see the work that these two people put into this business every single day. 
Work is an understatement. Countless hours of paying attention to each and every detail of every single aspect, striving to keep things running smoothly, focusing on goals and making them happen, keeping our very valued customers happy... and so much more. 
I'm not sure how they do it, but they do- and they do it with a smile on their faces. 
Pictured above is Eric aka  "Mr. Mountaineer", CEO and founder of Mountaineer Brand, and his sister Meredith, Chief Operating Officer. I just wanted to take a second to give them some credit for everything they do for the company, the employees, and the customers. 
Eric and Meredith, we appreciate everything you do! Keep on being rock stars!
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Itchy Beard Syndrome

So, you've overcome the beginning stages of beard growth. You thought the worst was over, but you're STILL itching. Dandruff flakes are falling, blanketing your shoulders like a fresh snowfall. Sexy huh?  You thought you were using all the right products- oil, balm, wash, etc.- but you just can't tame that awful itch and dryness. 
Don't give up. You haven't exhausted all your options. As a matter of fact, we have products for people just like you. Let's take a look!
First let's go over all the ingredients in the products that will help to ease this issue. Grape seed, Almond, and Castor oils are all helpful when it comes to conditioning and soothing the skin. Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils provide great moisture and stimulate your hair follicles, leading to an even more epic beard. 
But wait, my beard products already contain these ingredients... I'm still itching and flaking!
Well, here's the secret ingredient to the cure for your problem. Pine Tar. 
What is it exactly? 
Baseball players may be familiar with this substance, but this stuff isn't going to help you keep a grip on your bat. Believe it or not, Pine Tar has been used to help relieve problem skin for hundreds of years. It soothes itchy skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, and even bug bites. It's commonly used as an additive in shampoo to get rid of dandruff, which we have also done with our Pine Tar beard wash. We decided to spice up our other beard care products with this magical ingredient, and our customers have been very pleased with the results. 
So, if you're having any of the problems mentioned above, here's what we recommend:

Or, you could go all out and get the whole package with our Pine Tar Complete Beard Care Kit. All of these products combined will give you optimal results, and you'll be feeling relief as soon as you rub the product into your beard and onto the skin. 

If you're thinking of just one product to start, we highly recommend the wash. Dandruff is very frustrating, so you may think that massaging some Head and Shoulders shampoo in your beard is the way to go. This is simply not the case. In fact, you may find that your skin and beard are becoming more and more dry. A good beard shampoo is an absolute necessity. If you have sensitive, dry, or problem skin, the Pine Tar wash is the way to go. 

We're here to provide beard care for all beard types, and there are many, many types. If you're the flaky, dry, itchy type, look no further. Check out the reviews and see what you think. If you decide to give it a try and you aren't satisfied, we offer you a money back guarantee. 

So, what do you say? Are you ready to feel some relief? 

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    Will This Stuff Make My Beard Grow?

    I get this question quite a bit. Like 5 times a week. I always provide the same answer, but we'll get to that in a second. It's actually a great question to ask! There are so many brands out there that make this claim, but is there any truth behind what they're pitching? 
    The bottom line is, no. There is absolutely no magic growth serum that will make your beard grow thicker, faster, longer, etc. Why?
    Well, genetics play into this. Some men just don't have the genes for it. The good news is that there are several styles you can rock with minimal facial hair. Another factor is age. Don't get discouraged if you're 20 years old and don't have a massive, mountain man beard. Take a breather- all great things take time. Another problem? Giving up too quickly. Oftentimes men get discouraged a couple weeks in because they aren't seeing as much growth as they'd like and they have to deal with that horrid itch. Did you know that it takes at least a month to grow out a full beard? The itch WILL subside after a week or so (but we have products to help with that) and you will find that if you just stick with it, you'll be pretty satisfied with the end result. 
    So there are a few reasons behind my "no" answer. Here is what I tell our customers when they ask that question...
    While our products won't make your beard grow thicker, faster, or longer, proper beard care encourages healthier hair growth. Utilizing the appropriate products together will prevent your beard from dryness and breakage. Also, the essential oils we use in our products, like Eucalyptus for example, are said to encourage hair growth in general. That isn't us claiming that it's a magic serum, it's just us telling you what science tells us! 
    With that being said, why not start now? We offer a wide variety of products that will be kind to your beard and the skin beneath it. For $38.00, you can have it all- EVERYTHING you need to get the ball rolling on your beard growing journey. This gets you the Complete Beard Care Kit, which includes a brush, wash, oil and balm. These products combined have received nothing but positive feedback from beard growers worldwide, and we're pretty sure you'll feel the same way. If you decide to give it a try and don't like the results, we'll give you your money back- no questions asked. So, what do you say? Are you ready for epic, bearded greatness? 
    Let's get this thing started!
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