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You just got your shiny, new Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit in the mail. It's packed with absolute beard care goodness and you're anxious to get the ball rolling and be on your way to whisker perfection. The contents of the burlap bag are laying in front of you, waiting to be massaged into your beard, and just when you think you're ready- you're stumped.

Wash, oil, balm, brush? How do I use this stuff? Do I wash it first? Do I wash it last? Oil, balm, then brush? Or is it balm, brush, oil? 

It's a little confusing, and maybe even a bit intimidating to the beard care newbie. Worry not, oh bearded one. We're here to assist you. Below is a step-by-step process guide, along with a few pointers, to get you started. 

Step 1: WASH

Wash your beard in the morning while showering. The amount you use depends on the size of your beard. You want to make sure you work up a nice lather, then thoroughly wash your beard and the skin beneath it. 

Ah, that smells good.

Here's a little pointer- try not to wash your beard more than three times per week. Your face naturally produces sebum oils, and your beard needs them to be healthy. On non-wash days, simply rinse with water and continue with the steps below. 


Step 2: OIL

Again, the amount of oil you use depends on the size of your beard, but you want to be sure you're using enough. Massage it into your beard and distribute throughout. Make sure you don't forget your mustache! 

Tips? Don't use too much. This isn't a water-based product. Your beard and skin need to absorb the goodness in order for it to work properly. 


Step 3: BALM

This is what we consider to be a leave-in conditioner for your facial forest. Remove the amount you need and massage it into your beard, making sure your skin gets some love from the balm as well. This is also a very good styling agent, which you will see in the final step below. 

Eh hem, pay close attention to this- when you have the desired amount of balm in your hand, rub your hands together until the product liquefies. That way you won't find yourself frustrated due to picking large chunks of product out of your beard. 

Step 4: STYLE

This part is easy. Brush and style your beard as desired. The balm will help to shape it, but if you're looking for some crazy good hold, make sure you try our Heavy Duty balm. It's also great for taming unruly hairs with a mind of their own. 

That's it! That's all there is to it. Pretty soon you'll be able to do this whole routine in your sleep... although if that starts to happen we recommend seeing a doctor, because sleep walking can be potentially dangerous to you and others. 

If you still have more questions for us, that's okay. We're always here to help. You can contact customerservice@mountaineerbrand.com  anytime. 

DON'T FORGET... Valentine's Day is coming fast, so make sure you check out the gift suggestions from our staff. Included are some of our best sellers, and even a few new combos.



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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

As promised, we have come up with a special collection full of gift ideas for your favorite bearded man or the lovely lady in your life. Here you will find new product combinations, as well as some old favorites that we have decided to feature. Only a few suggestions are shown here, but there is a clickable link at the bottom of this post that will take you right to the entire list. Let's get started!
This must-have combo is available to you at a special price, but only for a limited time! After getting your feedback, we decided to pair together these beard care necessities- Mountaineer Brand wash and oil. Keep the beard smelling great and shining bright! You want his face to look as handsome as can be for your special date night, right? This is the way to go. 
One of the best ways to say "I love you" is treating your lady to a nice, soothing massage. Granny Vicars' foot rub is infused with essential oils to provide relief to sore, tired feet. Paired up with this product is Granny Vicars' Peppermint Lip Balm. Soft feet AND kissable lips. It's a win for both of you!
This one has been a hit for sure! Our Build Your Own Beard Kit gives you the freedom to choose which scent variation you'd like for each product inside. Ladies, this is a great way to choose which scent YOU want to smell on his face when you snuggle up together and gets you lots of brownie points for gifting the best beard care available. 
Don't forget the apparel! This would be a great gift for both ladies and gents. It'll give that warm and cozy feeling that Valentine's Day brings even after it passes. 
Testing, testing, 123... This is a brand new combo. We decided to give it a try to see what you guys think. Some folks prefer to use beard oil unaccompanied by any other product. We're creatures of habit, and we stick to what works. This is a chance to pair it up with a matching sample size balm and try something new. The benefits that this duo provides will be noticed in no time at all. We have a feeling you won't want to split the pair after you give it a go. 
Our final mention is the Granny Vicars' TLC Combo. This set would be perfect for any lady to whom you want to show some tender, loving care. It includes a hand salve, foot rub, and peppermint lip balm. Soft hands, smooth feet and kissable lips- guaranteed. 
To see the rest of the products included in this collection, click the link below. There are lots of special discounts and new combos that are available for a limited time only, so take advantage of the savings!
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Going Natural Without the Crunch


Being a family member and employee for Mountaineer Brand certainly opens the door for new learning experiences. I know pretty much everything there is to know about proper beard care and I'm confident that I could be efficient in answering customer service emails in a deep slumber. I can tell you the order in which to use all of our products while pecking away on my keyboard to write a blog and keep myself up to date on the latest styles and trends in the bearded community. I'm pretty good at making beard kits, pouring oil and soap, and packaging the orders you find on your doorstep. I've learned a great deal in a short amount of time. It makes me feel like a jack of all (bearded) trades- minus the beard. Lately I've been putting more focus on our Granny Vicars line- the all natural family care products we offer- by researching the benefits of the ingredients within them. It's no secret that organic is better, but I want to be able to explain why. I wouldn't expect a person to pitch a product my way and simply say "this is better than ____" and be on their merry way. I'd want them to tell me why it's better. Why should I use this on my body? What benefits have you personally seen from using this product? 

I want my knowledge of these all natural family care products to be equivalent to my knowledge of beard care, so thus began my journey...

I started with the ingredients. Each product has it's own unique base and is then infused with essential oils that benefit target areas on the body. 

Ah, the fast growing trend of essential oils. I have had a handful of people recommend the use of essential oils for things that I experience personally, but I never actually considered it until very recently. After starting my research to answer the "why?" I talked about, I learned some really interesting facts about the relief that they provide. 

For example, our Slumbertime Balm contains Lavender, an essential oil proven to lessen tension, relieve pain and enhance blood circulation. While I don't personally struggle with chronic pain, I am known to be a rather tense individual, so I decided to give it a try. After massaging the product into my pressure points, I sat down to relax for the evening. I found myself with my wrist beneath my nose numerous times to enjoy the pleasant aroma. Finding myself unwinding more quickly than usual was a great relief. This product truly offers a nice, calming sensation. Now it's a part of the whole family's bedtime routine! Must be those essential oils, eh?

Okay, I found one oil to be effective. What other benefits do you have for me?

Let's move onto Granny's Sore Muscle Rub. This product is a sassy one, with a base that contains Cayenne and Ginger and infused with Peppermint, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Sage oils.

Research time! Turns out this was the perfect combination for yet another effective product. Peppermint provides a cooling relief while Lemongrass has analgesic properties. Rosemary is known to help alleviate muscle pain and Sage reduces inflammation. Presto... an all natural version of Icy Hot. My husband has occasional back pain, and at times it can be quite severe. I handed him the container of Granny's muscle magic, and shortly after applying it, he noticed a difference in his level of pain. This is where we turn when the back pain starts to creep it's way in. We also find it to be helpful after a grueling session at the gym (which doesn't happen as often as it should, but hey, it counts for something!). 

I have one more that I'd like to mention, and this is by far my favorite. Granny Vicars' Healing Salve. This contains Pine Tar, which is known for it's antiseptic effects. Also infused with Lavender (whose benefits were previously mentioned above) and Eucalyptus (known for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties), this product holds truth to it's name. Customers have given it great ratings and have used it on things from scrapes and burns to eczema and poison. I can personally testify that it works wonders on eczema. My daughter and I both get patches of it on our skin, and it has been more effective than any steroid cream that a physician has prescribed. Hang on, this is where my not so crunchy part comes in...

I've come to appreciate the gifts mother nature has to offer, and I plan to make great use of them to benefit my family and myself. However, I will still give my children Tylenol and antibiotics when they're sick, I'll still eat a greasy burger jam packed with unmentionable ingredients, and Ulta Beauty and it's not so organic cosmetics and perfumes will still be a dear friend of mine. I guess you could call me a hybrid human, just not the cool X-Men/Suicide Squad kind. Hopefully this balance of natural and not so natural is the right fit for me and my family. We appreciate nature and believe in it's power, we just don't have much crunch.  

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Guest Blog: 15 Reasons You Should Start Growing a Beard

15 Reasons You Should Start Growing a Beard (Right Now)

Wondering whether to go ahead and grow out a full on beard this winter ?

After taking a quick peek at the infographic below: “15 Little Known (yet brilliant) Beard Benefits” - you will soon realize, there is more to your beard than just looking freaking awesome (especially when you get it shaped just right) and helping to keep your face warm.

For example, did you know that contradictory to popular belief beards can actually help propel your career prospects instead of harm them - and that owning a beard has even been to shown to boost your social encounters and generate ‘positive’ first impressions.

They have even been shown to be beneficial for your health too - potentially preventing a wide range of airborne diseases (acting like a grizzly filter), potentially even preventing cancer and prolonging your youthfulness. Check out 15 other great benefits below:


Author: Harry from beardsman.co.uk



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As promised, we have added a Stocking Stuffer category to our collection. We carefully selected items that everyone will love, so we are certain that you can find something for the whole family. A few of the items are listed below, and if you like what you see, simply click on the picture and it will take you right to the item on our website. 
Coal and Comb
Coal in stockings isn't just for naughty children. In fact, you'll probably find that most bearded men are wishing for coal in their stocking this year. Give him a comb to work that Mountaineer Gold through his beard and you just might find that you have given the best gift of the season. 
Granny Vicars' Lip Balm: 4 of Granny's Best
Keep your lips moisturized to prevent cracking. There is enough to go around! At this price, you can afford to get everyone their own variety pack and let them try all four flavors, or you can split up and make it go even further. We understand the value of a dollar! After all, it's something we learned from our Granny!
Large Variety Sampler Pack: All 5 Beard Oil Scents
Whether you're looking to try them out or if you're just looking for more variety in your daily routine, our Variety Sampler Pack allows you to try all five of our oils in one pack. Each pack comes with five, 1 dram vials in a small burlap pouch.


 Slumbertime Balm

Help get your little ones off to sleep the natural way with the help of Granny Vicars' Slumbertime balm. Granny didn't raise 13 children without a little help from Mother Nature. The soothing ingredients in our Slumbertime balm go to work fast to help relax your little ones and carry them off to dream land. (It works on adults too!) 

Granny Vicars' Sore Muscle Rub

We won't pretend we don't have them. Whether you spent too much time in the woods pulling on a bow string or or too much time shopping and lugging around those heavy bags, the season takes it toll. Granny understands! If you know someone who worked hard all month to bring the best of the season to you and your family, threat them to some relief with Granny's Sore Muscle Rub. There's nothing artificial inside--only relief!



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